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Simon Cowell Visits Ellen DeGeneres

As "Ellen"fans already know, during "Idol" season, on Mondays Ellen DeGeneres usually interviews the most recently eliminated candidate. Only this week no one was eliminated. Sitting in instead will be Simon Cowell, who has visited Ellen in the past.

Set yout TiVos, because Ellen surprises Simon with a clip of Cowell competing as a contestant on the British game show "Sale of the Century" in 1990. The tape was saved for posterity by Cowell's co-contestant Barbara Humphreys. Ellen also gets Simon's thoughts on who he thinks can win this year's "American Idol" and asks him what the judges are talking about while the contestants are performing. Here are some excerpts:

Ellen: Who do you think is going to be voted off and who do you think is going to win?

Simon: I think the front-runners at the moment I would say are Jordin [Sparks] and Melinda [Doolittle]. That's my gut feeling although I wouldn’t write off Blake [Lewis] or LaKisha [Jones]. I think the two that are venerable this week are Chris [Richardson] and Phil [Stacey].

Ellen: Really, well Chris has been in the bottom three before and Phil has been in the bottom three so that makes sense.

Simon: I was kind of mildly disappointed that nobody went last week. I look forward to that point. Does that sound bad?

Ellen: Yes, it sounds bad. ... You and Paula and Randy are constantly talking while the contestants are singing. What are you all talking about? These people are signing their hearts out and what are you doing (watch video)?

Simon: I'm taunting Paula throughout the performance ... I'm saying to her try to say something interesting, try not use the words mountain and lakes in your critiques because it's always "You'll climb mountains, You'll swim lakes," whatever, and then I make things up about the song hoping she'll say it like ..."That was the theme song from "Star Wars" you should mention that ... Anything.

Ellen: Well how can you really critique them if you’re not listening to them?

Simon: Well I'll tell you a secret, I actually watch the dress run so I actually hear much, much easier what they really do sound like because when you're in there it is so loud ... and the audience is going nuts. So I kind of know pretty much what they're going to sound like because of that.

Ellen: Well that explains it.


Sounding more like the loopy Paula Abdul we've all grown to know and love, instead of the more recent lucid-sounding one, the Idol judge recently appeared on QVC to sell her jewelry and had trouble coordinating her words and her mouth (watch video)


Every week after a contestant is eliminated from Idol, they participate in a conderence with the press, otherwise known as the exit interview. You can listen, download or read transcripts of a number of the Season 6 interviews (as well as a couple of Season 3 ones) at the e-zine Starry Constellation Magazine. Season 6 interviews include: Sanjaya Malakar, Haley Scarnato, Sabrina Sloan, Gina Glocksen, Chris Sligh, Alaina Alexander, Stephanie Edwards and Brandon Rogers. You can also read transcripts of interviews with Amy Adams and Camile Velasco from Season 3.


If you are a conspiracy-theory lover (and we are), you should be reading the myspace blog of Ricky Hoggard, who claims to have inside information on how Idols producers fix the show (which, by the way is legal. This is a reality show, not a game show and the participants are considered paid actors, not game-show contestants). He claims that Sanjaya Malakar was not the lowest vote getter the week he was eliminated and that the producers are gunning for LaKisha Jones next, even though the actually Top 6 vote getters came out like this:

1. Jordin Sparks
2. Blake Lewis
3. Melinda Doolittle
4. Phil Stacy
5. Lakisha Jones
6. Chris Richardson


And, finally, we couldn't help posting this video from VH1's "Best Week Ever" site:

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