Sunday, November 9, 2008

Carrie Underwood Nixes Politics & Celebs

In the current edition of TV Guide, Season 4 AI winner CARRIE UNDERWOOD says she thinks celebrities should keep their lips sealed on the candidates they support.

"There is someone I do support, but I don't support publicly. I lose all respect for celebrities when they back a candidate," said the singer, who hails from Oklahoma, a state that went for Sen. McCain.

"It's saying that the American public isn't smart enough to make their own decisions," she explains. "I would never want anybody to vote for anything or anybody just because I told them to. Music is where you go to get away from all the BS. Whether it's from politics or just the world around you, music should be an escape."

Disagreeing with Underwood is SELENA GOMEZ, according to E! Online.

"A lot of people do look up to certain celebrities and will follow in their footsteps," Gomez said, adding, "I think you just have to be aware of what you're saying."

"I'm glad that people are getting involved with the election. This election has been the biggest with celebrities."

Although Gomez can't vote yet because she's only 16, she's thrown herself into this year's election season, encouraging young people to educate themselves on the issues. Most recently, she helped launch UR Votes Count, a nationwide program that asked teens to cast their votes at polling stations set up in 150 malls in 42 states.

BARACK OBAMA won by a whopping 62 percent of the votes, while JOHN MCCAIN pulled in only 33 percent followed by 2 and 3 percent going to BOB BARR and RALPH NADER, respectively.

Gomez admitted she didn't know who she would have supported for president if she was allowed to cast a ballot today. "I'm not really sure who I would pick to run our country," she said. "It's kind of nice not to be able to vote, because I may not be as ready to as I will be in the future."

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Thursday, November 6, 2008

Simon Cowell on Seymour Split

SIMON COWELL, currently in London, gave Fox News an exclusive interview about his split from TERRI SEYMOUR:

"She wants a different path in life, and I totally respect her for it," Cowell explained. "We will be the best of mates, but I think in relationships, you have to be totally honest. I have always been and I know Terri knows that."

But honesty doesn't always equal understanding.

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"I find women confusing really," Cowell continued. "When you hook up and date, you're both honest about what you want. I have never ever said that I want children or marriage. I know some people find it hard to fathom, but it's me, it's who I am."

"Bottom line is I am married to my job. When people moan about being a celebrity, I think 'Oh please, sort yourself out –- it’s the greatest job in the world.' I wake up daily thanking my lucky stars, but to throw marriage into that mix is not right. I have seen too many celebrity marriages that on paper make a great mix, fall apart through ego and just plain celebrity madness."

Cowell also quashed any rumors that another woman is to blame.

"There is no one new in my life. I can honestly say some of my best friends are girls, but we're not dating, and that is that. Forget any lurid tabloid headlines. Myself and Terri will remain firm friends. We're grown-ups."

And the UK's Daily Mirror says that Cowell has defiantly declared he is giving up women [hmmm, bet this wasn't news to RYAN SEACREST] after splitting up from Seymour, "Don't worry about me -- I don't need a lonely hearts ad.

"I'm off women now. But everything's fine between me and Terri -- we're still friends. In fact that was her on the phone just now."

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Yes We Can!

CONSTANTINE MAROULIS IN 'ROCK OF AGES' interviewed Season 4 Idol finalist CONSTANTINE MAROULIS, who is starring in "Rock of Ages" now on an open-ended run at the New World Stages in New York.

The '80s rock musical features many familiar songs -- including Bon Jovi's "Wanted Dead or Alive" -- all performed by a live rock band. It's a lively, funny, love story about a guy and a girl who have dreams of making it big in L.A.

What did you learn from being on "American Idol" that has helped you in theater?
It taught me how to work and manage an audience better. With 50 million plus a week you learn fast to stick with what is working just to get through it.

Which do you prefer and why: Band, solo or ensemble?
I love them all. Picking is difficult. I just enjoy the creative process -- the avenue is irrelevant.

How do you relate to your character in "Rock of Ages?"
In many ways I was a guy like him when I was in school. We all have dreams and aspirations so I tried to reach back to when I was younger to get that feeling again.

What's your favorite part of being in this rock musical?
I must say that it really is the cast and the friendships I have made here. I am blessed to work with all of them. It is that sense that we are all together and a part of something very special. The crew and band rule too!!

It's such a high energy show -- how are you able to keep the energy up for every performance?
I try to get my rest, do the basics and eat right. That aside I have found that breathing and lots of Xbox 360 really helps. Oh...and I'm sorta part alien.

Besides poking fun at LA, what do you think Jersey 80's music fans will enjoy about the show?
I lived in Jersey for a massive part of my life which is why I know they will love the show. Jersey is the most awesome state there is. We have everything. Simply put it is all the songs they love wrapped into a love story, how can ya beat that?

Are you a fan of 80s rock?
I worship it, nothing like a big, sugar covered, hook ridden chorus to "...really pumps my nads!" (to quote "The Breakfast Club")

Since you are a Jerseyan in an 80s musical, what's your favorite Bon Jovi song?
"Runaway"Their first hit. It was on their original demo for labels.

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Tuesday, November 4, 2008


We voted at 6 a.m. This is an historical election, possibly one of the most important in this country's history -- definitely one of the most important in your lifetime. Make sure your voice is heard.

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Monday, November 3, 2008

David Cook: I'm Still a Goober From the Midwest

Well, that's what the most recent Idol winner told People magazine.

DAVID COOK says his life now isn't too different than it was before winning American Idol.

"I think in one sense everything's changed but in another sense nothing has," said Cook. "There's all these different things around me that I didn't have a year ago. I was able to furnish a home and get a nice car and be able to treat my family to some of the things that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to do."

But, said the singer, 25, "I'm still a goober from the Midwest. Now I've just got a few more resources. I don't feel like the show changed me at all."

Cook spoke with People after recording a performance video with his band for Walmart's Soundcheck, which can be viewed online and in Walmart stores when his eponymous CD releases on Nov. 18.

The singer describes his music as "eclectic rock" with some songs featuring lots of riffs and others that are "very piano driven and delicate."

"I got to show some different aspects of who I am as a person," he says about the upcoming album.

Watch Cook's video for "Light On," his disappointing first single from his first (and hopefully not last) post-Idol CD:


According to The International Business Times,
TANYA MAREE QUATTROCCHI, 22, was sent to trial on the charge of having sent emails to DIANA DEGARMO 's friends, family, contacts and work colleagues about the singer's sex life.

Police arrested Quattrocchi in April after they obtained her PC and cell phone.

Quattrocchi pleaded not guilty to four counts of persecuting DeGarmo between November 2007 and January 2008.

Quattrocchi is fanatical about the 20-year-old Tennessee singer, said The Melbourne Magistrates' Court today, while they listened to her speaking.

DeGarmo said Quattrocchi called her almost every night, sent messages on her MySpace account pretending to be her, including naughty emails.

"I have moved twice and she still finds me. I cannot have any private or professional life without her infiltrating it," said DeGarmo in a statement.

"No matter what I do I cannot get away from her. She is still to this day stealing my online identity and harassing my friends, family and myself," DeGarmo said.

Quattrocchi supposedly sent emails stating the singer wanted to have sex with her brother and was a lesbian.

In an email to a male work colleague of DeGarmo's, Quattrocchi allegedly wrote: "She said she would love to f--- you . . . hard. And a lot."

"Diana is a lesbian whore. I don't want her small hands touching me. I love guys and have sex with them," Quattrocchi wrote to the singer's sister-in-law.

According to a May 2007 article in Australia's Herald Sun the then 21-year-old Melbourne stalker was released on a community-based order to serve 150 hours of community service after she was convicted of stalking and blackmail of Degarmo in 2007. In that case,
Quattrocchi was accused of phoning DeGarmo 369 times and sending her 570 text messages between March and June of 2006.

One text message read: "I could kill you before you could even lay a finger on me.

"I know I'm out of line here, but I don't give a f---.

"How badly do you want to kill me right now? Bring it on bitch."

In that case, Judge Lisa Hannan said Quattrocchi had spiralled out of control and only stopped harassing DeGarmo when she was caught by police.

"It must have been quite terrifying for the victim," Judge Hannan said.

"Her life was invaded by you and her rightful sense of security stolen from her."

Prosecutor George Slim told the court Quattrocchi hacked into DeGarmo's MySpace page and pretended to be her in emails she sent to the singer's family and friends.

She also used DeGarmo's credit card to subscribe to pornographic Web sites.

Shortly before her arrest in June 2006, Quattrocchi demanded $15,000 from DeGarmo and threatened to release the singer's newly recorded songs if she didn't get the money.

Quattrocchi, who pleaded guilty to the charges, was remorseful for the anguish she had caused DeGarmo.

In sentencing Quattrocchi to 18 months community service in the 2007 case, Judge Hannan acknowledged her poor intellectual and social skills, and said she had good prospects for rehabilitation. [Yeah, right. LOLZ] Just six months later, she allegedly began harassing DeGarmo again. She was arrested in April 2008 when police seized her computer and mobile phones.

Yet after all that, Quattrocchi was recently released on bail under the condition she not use any computer or device that allows Internet or email access, and not communicate in any way with DeGarmo. [Uh-huh, we're sure that'll work, too]

She was ordered to appear in the County Court in January 2009.

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Sinitta Comforting Simon Cowell

This can bring no joy to SIMON COWELL's most recent ex, TERRI SEYMOUR, that he has fled to the arms of his former ex, SINITTA, for comfort and support, this according to UK's Mirror, the source of the original story of the split:

Simon Cowell has turned to his old flame Sinitta for support after splitting with girlfriend Terri Seymour.

The newly single X Factor boss, 49, spent the weekend pouring out his heart to the singer after the Mirror revealed on Saturday the six-year relationship was over.

Friends say Simon has grown closer to 40-year-old Sinitta – whom he first dated 18 years ago – since her marriage to financier Andy Wilner hit the rocks earlier this year.

On Saturday she accompanied Simon to the rehearsals and filming of X Factor – even slipping out of the studio at regular intervals with him during ad breaks.

Yesterday they were spotted chatting intimately for several hours over afternoon tea at the Georgian Restaurant in Harrods. Sinitta was with adopted children Magdalenea, three, and two-year-old Zac.

[Here's a video of Simon Cowell, singer Sinitta Renet Malone and BBC Radio host Dermot O'Leary leaving Mr. Chows in London on Oct. 30 after having dinner]:

A close friend of Simon said: "Sinitta and Simon have become much closer recently.

[And according to the UK's The Sun, Cowell helped get Sinitta an underwear modeling gig for her 42nd birthday this past October, after seeing her in a gold bikini on The X Factor.]

"They have have been offering each other much support over their troubled relationships. Sinitta has always helped put a smile back on Simon's face. She's become the closest person to him.

He added: "Simon insists they're just good friends. He prides himself on staying friends with exes." During his relationship with Terri, Sinitta was a regular presence – even joining them on holiday.

He took Sinitta with him to Barbados earlier this year as part of The X Factor judges' houses stage and also to St. Tropez for a posh party in August.

In September Sinitta spoke of her "unconditional love" for Cowell despite being married. She said they split because of his refusal to have kids.

Sinitta has admitted her relationship with her husband is also on the rocks.

He moved to Hong Kong in April, leaving her with their two adopted children.

She said yesterday: "My marriage is struggling. Being apart is a huge problem."

Simon split with Terri, 34, after he refused to commit to her and made it clear he did not share her dreams of starting a family.

The stunning TV presenter has told friends: "It was a mutual decision for us to split. But we still speak and are friends."

Last night Simon was unavailable for comment at his home in West London.
Maybe Sinitta has figured out that the way to have kids with Simon is to have the kids with someone else, then get back with Simon.

Meanwhile, the UK's Daily Mail is saying that Cowell's first reaction when hearing that Seymour had broken up with him, was "Thank God." How rude:

Simon Cowell was celebrating his new-found freedom as Hollywood's most eligible bachelor last night after splitting from his girlfriend of six years.

Sources close to the multi-millionaire X Factor judge said he was "hugely relieved" that the relationship with Terri Seymour was over.

They said his first words on hearing that she had confirmed the end of the relationship were: "Thank God."

The stunning 34-year-old TV presenter, who moved out of Cowell's £20million Beverly Hills home in the summer, is now believed to be dating 35-year-old Hollywood actor STEPHEN DORFF, 35 [an ex of Pamela Anderson's], whom she met in September.

Cowell, who is one of TV's highest-paid stars, has given her new love his blessing and has privately said he is delighted to be free of the relationship.

"Simon has basically been waiting for Terri to announce the relationship is over for months," a friend revealed.

"She has been a weight around his neck for a long time but the problem was that his mother absolutely adored Terri and thought the world of her, so Simon was in a bit of a rut.

"Now, Terri has moved on and found someone else and Simon is hugely relieved. He said, 'Thank God' when he heard Terri had gone public with the split and had met someone else.

"He's been waiting for this day for a long time. He just wants to move on with his life. He's so relieved, I can't tell you. Terri's finally found someone else which has enabled her to move on. In the end, she was clinging to Simon and something that didn't really exist between them any more.

"She told him in September that she had met someone, and Simon basically said, 'Go for it.' I still think there was a bit of Terri that was hoping Simon would say he wanted to marry her."

In reality, Cowell has made it very clear that he has already moved on - and today he announces that he has new professional goals, too.

In an exclusive interview in The Mail on Sunday's Live magazine, he reveals his ambitions to extend his domination into the world of politics.

"Politics is showbusiness these days," he said. "More and more so. I know I could engage that audience, get people involved. Make it interesting, for God's sake."

It seems the only ambition 48-year-old Cowell did not possess was to make Terri his first lady.

She was notably absent on Wednesday night when Cowell collected a lifetime achievement accolade at the National TV Awards. Instead, the X Factor mastermind spent his finest hour flanked by his co-star Cheryl Cole and his ex-girlfriend, the singer Sinitta.

"Anyone who knows Simon has known that his relationship with Terri was over months ago, but she's very fragile and he didn't want to hurt her," said a source close to Cowell.

"She wanted kids with Simon desperately, but he wasn't interested in starting a family or getting married.

"All Simon cares about is being the richest, most successful man on the planet. If he wants girls and companionship he can always get them, but it's really not that important to him. Celebrity and money are all that he cares about."

Terri will continue to live in the luxury Los Angeles apartment that Cowell, who is worth £130million, bought for her when she moved out of their shared home this summer.

"Things are very amicable between Terri and Simon. There are no hard feelings," said the source. "She has actually done very well out of Simon. He has bought her a house and wishes her every success and happiness. They'll stay close friends but he couldn't give her what she ultimately wanted, which was children.

"Her biological clock is ticking and all Terri really wants is to start a family."

In an interview with The Mail on Sunday as long ago as 2005, Terri revealed her fears that the relationship would run its course because of Simon's reluctance to settle down and his obsession with work.

She said: "I'm under no illusions where I rank in Simon's priorities. It's work, his mum, work, then me."

She told how she had persuaded Simon's mother Julie, 80, to help her to convince the TV presenter to have a family. "His mum's still trying to change his mind. She's working on my behalf and badgers him about it," she said at the time. And she added: "Simon's made it clear he doesn't want children but I've always been open about the fact that I do.

"His suggestion was that I should get a terrapin instead.

"He wouldn't even allow himself to have a dog, and he adores dogs, because he says it wouldn't be fair. He says, 'What's the point in having a baby if you have to give it to a nanny and never see it?' "

But, even then, Terri admitted that although she attempted to push her desire for children to one side for the sake of their relationship, the clock was always ticking and it became an increasing source of tension – as was Simon's continued closeness with Sinitta.

Although there has never been any suggestion that theirs is anything more than a close friendship, Cowell's failure to tell Terri of his decision to invite the singer and her family to holiday with him and friends in Barbados this Christmas placed a further strain on the relationship.

As the cracks began to show, so too, it seems, did Terri's apparent insecurity. She once admitted: "When I take his clothes to the dry cleaners, I empty out the pockets and find loads of phone numbers scrawled on pieces of paper – from men as well as women. But if I allowed my jealousy to vent at every single little thing, I'd go crazy."

But it cannot have helped that during their relationship Cowell was linked with party girl JASMINE LENNARD, who has a tattoo on her wrist bearing the initials SC.

And, three months ago, it was reported that Cowell had been on a number of dates with James Major's ex-wife, former model EMMA NOBLE, whose television career he was said to be helping relaunch.

A spokesman for Cowell last night confirmed he had split from Terri, and added: "They will stay friends. He thinks the world of her."


More Simon Cowell news from the UK's Daily Mail, which says that Cowell has announced that BRITNEY SPEARS will appear on "The X Factor" to sing "Womanizer," because he is a fan of hers:

The star will be singing her new record Womanizer on the show later this month, because Simon Cowell is a fan. He said: "I'm really excited about it, because she has got her act together and the new record is terrific.

"She has come back from a very dark place and is a terrific artist."

It has become a tradition on the X Factor for established artists to perform, and advise aspiring acts. Take That, Will Young, Kylie Minogue are among the stars who have already appeared.

Spears' scheduled appearance seals her return to form after her life spiraled out of control. In September the star made an acclaimed return at the 2008 MTV Video Music Awards and has her single Womanizer has been well received. But the past three years have been turbulent for the troubled star.

The 26-year-old has had two failed marriages and lost custody of her children, and battled drug addictions that led to her being taken in to psychiatric care.

After Spears and Kevin Federline's three-year marriage ended in a divorce, she went on to lose custody over sons Sean Preston, three, and two-year-old Jayden James.

Last year her mental health seemed to deteriorate - marked a period of strange behavior by Spears, during which she shaved her head and was continually in and out of rehab.

She attempted a comeback in 2007 performing at the MTV Video Music Awards, but was jeered and criticized for a shambolic performance. The star was out of shape and forgot the words to her track Gimme More.

Then in January this year, she was put under lockdown at a mental institution after she held her son hostage at her LA home.

She is planning a world tour next year and is releasing her album Circus in December. The star has also made a documentary about her breakdown. In the 90-minute special, "Britney: For the Record," she talks frankly about her problems.

She said: "I sit there and I look back and I'm like, 'I'm a smart person. What the hell was I thinking?'

"I've been through a lot in the past two or three years, and there's a lot that people don't know.

"Sometimes I think I get kind of lonely because you don't open the gate up that much, you know I mean? You're guarded. You have to be that way, so I'm kind of stuck in this place and it's like: How do you deal? And you just cope, and that's what I do. I just cope with it, every day."

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Sunday, November 2, 2008

Simon Cowell, Terri Seymour Split

SIMON COWELL and TERRI SEYMOUR have called it quits, but just who ended their 6-year relationship? According to People magazine, it was Seymour, but the story was originally broken by the UK's Mirror. In that story, friends seem to indicate that Cowell wanted to end the relationship but was worried it would make him look callous, so he refused to cave into Seymour's relationship demands until she finally dumped him. Seymour wanted children, Cowell didn't. Also, Seymour was upset by the constant rumors of Cowell's flings with other women. Here is the story from today's Mirror:

Simon Cowell was dumped by Terri Seymour after he refused to commit to her... and yesterday she told friends it was the hardest decision of her life.

Devastated Terri, 33, issued the X Factor judge with a "stay for ever or go" ultimatum after their six-year relationship turned into a series of rows.

She had become deeply insecure as Simon devoted more time to his career than nurturing their romance – and refused to tie the knot and have children.

And she was "torn apart" by stories of relationships with other beauties, including fellow judge Dannii Minogue.

Music mogul Simon, 48, spent much of this year at his London townhouse, while Terri stayed at the £2.5million Hollywood home, he bought her away from his £5million Beverly Hills house.

The duo, who remain friends, had planned to announce their split in a carefully orchestrated magazine interview with Terri next weekend.

Since her heart-wrenching decision to split in the summer, Terri told a friend: “We adore each other and it was one of the hardest decisions of my life.

"I always thought Simon was the one but I couldn't ignore the fact he wouldn't give me what I wanted.

"I don't want a life without children. Simon was sympathetic but he was never going to have a family of his own."

Cowell's mother Julie, 80, is devastated by the news and has told the Sunday Mirror she believes her son is to blame.

She is praying they get back together.

Julie said at her home in Ovingdean, Sussex: "Everyone in our family loves her. She's like part of the family and always will be. At the end of the day, Simon doesn't want a family and I think that's got a lot to do with it.

"She's a lovely girl. She would always remember birthday and Christmas cards. I'm hoping they'll get back together."

But Terri's decision is final.

As well as his lack of commitment, the former model was exhausted by constant rumours of Cowell's womanising.

Two years ago the talent show boss was caught red-handed when 24-year-old model Jasmine Lennard was seen leaving his £7million London home.

And last year he sparked rumours of a relationship with fellow judge Dannii, 36, after they were snapped appearing to hold hands in the back of his limo, but he always denied an affair.

Miserable Terri was also fed up with his same old crowd of adoring girlfriends including old pal and ex-model Jackie Sinclair and his ex-lover Sinitta.

A source close to Terri said: "Seeing different women hang off your boyfriend's arm when you're thousands of miles apart is so hard.

"She was driven insanely jealous by his fling with Jasmine and the rumours of his relationship with Dannii.

"It got to the point where we all begged Terri to stop reading the newspapers. It was tearing her apart.

"She was also fed up with him hanging out with the same old cronies in L.A. In London, Jackie was always around, particularly at the start of their relationship, as was Sinitta.

"Like any woman, she wanted to feel special."

Despite the fact it was Terri who dumped Simon, pals insist the mogul was the driving force behind their split.

The millionaire was concerned that if he called time on the relationship because Terri wanted children he would look callous. So he simply stubbornly refused to cave into her relationship demands until she finally dumped him.

The passion had also disappeared from their relationship and the couple started to see each other as "brother and sister."

A friend said: "Simon wanted Terri to come to her own conclusions about their relationship.

"He is incredibly fond of her but has always been honest about his desire never to have children.

"He is married to his career and has never had any paternal desires. Terri thought she could change his mind but her body clock has been ticking louder than ever in recent months and she demanded that he give her a baby.

"A lot of her friends have children now and they told her she will still be hanging around at 40 if she didn't take action.

"There was also no sexual spark there any more and once that's gone it's quite hard to rebuild a relationship."

Friends of the multi-millionaire say he is "very sad" about the split and has promised to look after Terri, now an actress.

Her Los Angeles home was a parting present and he is also paying for chauffeur-driven cars to ferry her around.

Cowell has also vowed to help develop her TV career and has put her in touch with agent-to-the-stars John Noel who took Davina McCall and Russell Brand to stardom, as well as Sir Paul McCartney’s publicist Alan Edwards of The Outside Organisation.

A friend said: "Simon still speaks to her on the phone at least three times a day, and has promised to always help her with her career wherever he can.

"Terri knows he will be as good as his word as he is close to many of his exes."

Terri, who was brought up in Hertfordshire, has been spotted at Hollywood nightspots in recent months.

Just weeks ago she was seen cosying up to actor Stephen Dorff in a secluded garden area at LA's trendy Bar Marmont.

Friends say she and Cowell seem happier since the split and Terri, in particular, appears to have a new lease of life.

One friend said: "It's been a long drawn-out process but thankfully Terri is back to her old self.

"It’s been such a sense of relief for her. She is doing very well and has a new resolution to look after herself and have a bit of fun."

The pals say Terri and Simon had a rocky time last Christmas while they were on holiday in Barbados – and by April pals say it was at breaking point.

They met when ex-model Terri was 18 but only started dating in 2002 after she interviewed him for a TV show.

Terri had previously said she would split from him if he didn't want a family, while Cowell – who has an estimated £130 million fortune – said in March: "I don't believe in marriage, certainly not in this business."

Terri – who was absent when Cowell picked up a TV award this week – told a friend: "It's sad but I had to do it. Now we can both move on."

Last night, Cowell's spokesman Max Clifford confirmed Terri had dumped Simon over her desire to have children.

He added: "Terri ended it in late summer. They are going to remain close friends. He understands her reason for ending it.

"Nobody else is involved, certainly not on Simon's side."

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