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David Cook: I'm Still a Goober From the Midwest

Well, that's what the most recent Idol winner told People magazine.

DAVID COOK says his life now isn't too different than it was before winning American Idol.

"I think in one sense everything's changed but in another sense nothing has," said Cook. "There's all these different things around me that I didn't have a year ago. I was able to furnish a home and get a nice car and be able to treat my family to some of the things that I otherwise wouldn't have been able to do."

But, said the singer, 25, "I'm still a goober from the Midwest. Now I've just got a few more resources. I don't feel like the show changed me at all."

Cook spoke with People after recording a performance video with his band for Walmart's Soundcheck, which can be viewed online and in Walmart stores when his eponymous CD releases on Nov. 18.

The singer describes his music as "eclectic rock" with some songs featuring lots of riffs and others that are "very piano driven and delicate."

"I got to show some different aspects of who I am as a person," he says about the upcoming album.

Watch Cook's video for "Light On," his disappointing first single from his first (and hopefully not last) post-Idol CD:


According to The International Business Times,
TANYA MAREE QUATTROCCHI, 22, was sent to trial on the charge of having sent emails to DIANA DEGARMO 's friends, family, contacts and work colleagues about the singer's sex life.

Police arrested Quattrocchi in April after they obtained her PC and cell phone.

Quattrocchi pleaded not guilty to four counts of persecuting DeGarmo between November 2007 and January 2008.

Quattrocchi is fanatical about the 20-year-old Tennessee singer, said The Melbourne Magistrates' Court today, while they listened to her speaking.

DeGarmo said Quattrocchi called her almost every night, sent messages on her MySpace account pretending to be her, including naughty emails.

"I have moved twice and she still finds me. I cannot have any private or professional life without her infiltrating it," said DeGarmo in a statement.

"No matter what I do I cannot get away from her. She is still to this day stealing my online identity and harassing my friends, family and myself," DeGarmo said.

Quattrocchi supposedly sent emails stating the singer wanted to have sex with her brother and was a lesbian.

In an email to a male work colleague of DeGarmo's, Quattrocchi allegedly wrote: "She said she would love to f--- you . . . hard. And a lot."

"Diana is a lesbian whore. I don't want her small hands touching me. I love guys and have sex with them," Quattrocchi wrote to the singer's sister-in-law.

According to a May 2007 article in Australia's Herald Sun the then 21-year-old Melbourne stalker was released on a community-based order to serve 150 hours of community service after she was convicted of stalking and blackmail of Degarmo in 2007. In that case,
Quattrocchi was accused of phoning DeGarmo 369 times and sending her 570 text messages between March and June of 2006.

One text message read: "I could kill you before you could even lay a finger on me.

"I know I'm out of line here, but I don't give a f---.

"How badly do you want to kill me right now? Bring it on bitch."

In that case, Judge Lisa Hannan said Quattrocchi had spiralled out of control and only stopped harassing DeGarmo when she was caught by police.

"It must have been quite terrifying for the victim," Judge Hannan said.

"Her life was invaded by you and her rightful sense of security stolen from her."

Prosecutor George Slim told the court Quattrocchi hacked into DeGarmo's MySpace page and pretended to be her in emails she sent to the singer's family and friends.

She also used DeGarmo's credit card to subscribe to pornographic Web sites.

Shortly before her arrest in June 2006, Quattrocchi demanded $15,000 from DeGarmo and threatened to release the singer's newly recorded songs if she didn't get the money.

Quattrocchi, who pleaded guilty to the charges, was remorseful for the anguish she had caused DeGarmo.

In sentencing Quattrocchi to 18 months community service in the 2007 case, Judge Hannan acknowledged her poor intellectual and social skills, and said she had good prospects for rehabilitation. [Yeah, right. LOLZ] Just six months later, she allegedly began harassing DeGarmo again. She was arrested in April 2008 when police seized her computer and mobile phones.

Yet after all that, Quattrocchi was recently released on bail under the condition she not use any computer or device that allows Internet or email access, and not communicate in any way with DeGarmo. [Uh-huh, we're sure that'll work, too]

She was ordered to appear in the County Court in January 2009.

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