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Simon Cowell, Terri Seymour Split

SIMON COWELL and TERRI SEYMOUR have called it quits, but just who ended their 6-year relationship? According to People magazine, it was Seymour, but the story was originally broken by the UK's Mirror. In that story, friends seem to indicate that Cowell wanted to end the relationship but was worried it would make him look callous, so he refused to cave into Seymour's relationship demands until she finally dumped him. Seymour wanted children, Cowell didn't. Also, Seymour was upset by the constant rumors of Cowell's flings with other women. Here is the story from today's Mirror:

Simon Cowell was dumped by Terri Seymour after he refused to commit to her... and yesterday she told friends it was the hardest decision of her life.

Devastated Terri, 33, issued the X Factor judge with a "stay for ever or go" ultimatum after their six-year relationship turned into a series of rows.

She had become deeply insecure as Simon devoted more time to his career than nurturing their romance – and refused to tie the knot and have children.

And she was "torn apart" by stories of relationships with other beauties, including fellow judge Dannii Minogue.

Music mogul Simon, 48, spent much of this year at his London townhouse, while Terri stayed at the £2.5million Hollywood home, he bought her away from his £5million Beverly Hills house.

The duo, who remain friends, had planned to announce their split in a carefully orchestrated magazine interview with Terri next weekend.

Since her heart-wrenching decision to split in the summer, Terri told a friend: “We adore each other and it was one of the hardest decisions of my life.

"I always thought Simon was the one but I couldn't ignore the fact he wouldn't give me what I wanted.

"I don't want a life without children. Simon was sympathetic but he was never going to have a family of his own."

Cowell's mother Julie, 80, is devastated by the news and has told the Sunday Mirror she believes her son is to blame.

She is praying they get back together.

Julie said at her home in Ovingdean, Sussex: "Everyone in our family loves her. She's like part of the family and always will be. At the end of the day, Simon doesn't want a family and I think that's got a lot to do with it.

"She's a lovely girl. She would always remember birthday and Christmas cards. I'm hoping they'll get back together."

But Terri's decision is final.

As well as his lack of commitment, the former model was exhausted by constant rumours of Cowell's womanising.

Two years ago the talent show boss was caught red-handed when 24-year-old model Jasmine Lennard was seen leaving his £7million London home.

And last year he sparked rumours of a relationship with fellow judge Dannii, 36, after they were snapped appearing to hold hands in the back of his limo, but he always denied an affair.

Miserable Terri was also fed up with his same old crowd of adoring girlfriends including old pal and ex-model Jackie Sinclair and his ex-lover Sinitta.

A source close to Terri said: "Seeing different women hang off your boyfriend's arm when you're thousands of miles apart is so hard.

"She was driven insanely jealous by his fling with Jasmine and the rumours of his relationship with Dannii.

"It got to the point where we all begged Terri to stop reading the newspapers. It was tearing her apart.

"She was also fed up with him hanging out with the same old cronies in L.A. In London, Jackie was always around, particularly at the start of their relationship, as was Sinitta.

"Like any woman, she wanted to feel special."

Despite the fact it was Terri who dumped Simon, pals insist the mogul was the driving force behind their split.

The millionaire was concerned that if he called time on the relationship because Terri wanted children he would look callous. So he simply stubbornly refused to cave into her relationship demands until she finally dumped him.

The passion had also disappeared from their relationship and the couple started to see each other as "brother and sister."

A friend said: "Simon wanted Terri to come to her own conclusions about their relationship.

"He is incredibly fond of her but has always been honest about his desire never to have children.

"He is married to his career and has never had any paternal desires. Terri thought she could change his mind but her body clock has been ticking louder than ever in recent months and she demanded that he give her a baby.

"A lot of her friends have children now and they told her she will still be hanging around at 40 if she didn't take action.

"There was also no sexual spark there any more and once that's gone it's quite hard to rebuild a relationship."

Friends of the multi-millionaire say he is "very sad" about the split and has promised to look after Terri, now an actress.

Her Los Angeles home was a parting present and he is also paying for chauffeur-driven cars to ferry her around.

Cowell has also vowed to help develop her TV career and has put her in touch with agent-to-the-stars John Noel who took Davina McCall and Russell Brand to stardom, as well as Sir Paul McCartney’s publicist Alan Edwards of The Outside Organisation.

A friend said: "Simon still speaks to her on the phone at least three times a day, and has promised to always help her with her career wherever he can.

"Terri knows he will be as good as his word as he is close to many of his exes."

Terri, who was brought up in Hertfordshire, has been spotted at Hollywood nightspots in recent months.

Just weeks ago she was seen cosying up to actor Stephen Dorff in a secluded garden area at LA's trendy Bar Marmont.

Friends say she and Cowell seem happier since the split and Terri, in particular, appears to have a new lease of life.

One friend said: "It's been a long drawn-out process but thankfully Terri is back to her old self.

"It’s been such a sense of relief for her. She is doing very well and has a new resolution to look after herself and have a bit of fun."

The pals say Terri and Simon had a rocky time last Christmas while they were on holiday in Barbados – and by April pals say it was at breaking point.

They met when ex-model Terri was 18 but only started dating in 2002 after she interviewed him for a TV show.

Terri had previously said she would split from him if he didn't want a family, while Cowell – who has an estimated £130 million fortune – said in March: "I don't believe in marriage, certainly not in this business."

Terri – who was absent when Cowell picked up a TV award this week – told a friend: "It's sad but I had to do it. Now we can both move on."

Last night, Cowell's spokesman Max Clifford confirmed Terri had dumped Simon over her desire to have children.

He added: "Terri ended it in late summer. They are going to remain close friends. He understands her reason for ending it.

"Nobody else is involved, certainly not on Simon's side."

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