Thursday, November 6, 2008

Simon Cowell on Seymour Split

SIMON COWELL, currently in London, gave Fox News an exclusive interview about his split from TERRI SEYMOUR:

"She wants a different path in life, and I totally respect her for it," Cowell explained. "We will be the best of mates, but I think in relationships, you have to be totally honest. I have always been and I know Terri knows that."

But honesty doesn't always equal understanding.

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"I find women confusing really," Cowell continued. "When you hook up and date, you're both honest about what you want. I have never ever said that I want children or marriage. I know some people find it hard to fathom, but it's me, it's who I am."

"Bottom line is I am married to my job. When people moan about being a celebrity, I think 'Oh please, sort yourself out –- it’s the greatest job in the world.' I wake up daily thanking my lucky stars, but to throw marriage into that mix is not right. I have seen too many celebrity marriages that on paper make a great mix, fall apart through ego and just plain celebrity madness."

Cowell also quashed any rumors that another woman is to blame.

"There is no one new in my life. I can honestly say some of my best friends are girls, but we're not dating, and that is that. Forget any lurid tabloid headlines. Myself and Terri will remain firm friends. We're grown-ups."

And the UK's Daily Mirror says that Cowell has defiantly declared he is giving up women [hmmm, bet this wasn't news to RYAN SEACREST] after splitting up from Seymour, "Don't worry about me -- I don't need a lonely hearts ad.

"I'm off women now. But everything's fine between me and Terri -- we're still friends. In fact that was her on the phone just now."

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