Sunday, April 15, 2007

Princess P.(O.'d)

Looks like another former Idol finalist is unhappy about the show these days. Surprisingly, it's none other than lovable Season 5 finalist Paris Bennett. Last season's petite powerhouse phoned into the "Tone E Fly Morning Show" in Minneapolis and called "Idol" "a joke," and said she and a few other contestants are going along with and voting for Sanjaya Malakar to screw with the results in the hopes that it'll take down America's most popular TV show.

You can listen to the audio here.

Here's a transcript of the interview:

Announcer: Former American Idol contestant Paris Bennett on the Ton E. Fly morning show. Paris: Hi guys!
Announcer: What's goin' on Paris?
Paris: Not a much, just hanging out.
Announcer: This whole Sanjaya phenomenon what do you think of that?
Paris: I think it’s very, very funny.
Announcer: Now, these guys are all mad at me because I'm voting for Sanjaya, because he can’t sing and because I think it's funny.
Paris: I've been voting for him, too.
Announcer: Oh, you've been voting also?
Paris: Yeah, vote for the worst ... thing?
Announcer: Oh, so you went to You've seen all that stuff?
Paris: Oh, of course, we had that there last season, so we were doing that, too.
Announcer: It is wonderful to hear that former idols are actually voting for Sanjaya. That’s wonderful!
Paris: Yeah, it's a few us, umm, it's a few of us from last season that are voting.
Announcer: Is Sanjaya a big joke to you, or do you want to see him win because he’s talented?
Paris: No, we want to see him win because it'll kinda prove that "American Idol" is kinda losing its taste and that it kinda isn't going for talent anymore, more so popularity. So we think it's a joke and we're voting because it's funny. (Paris giggles)
Announcer: All right, so you're, it's kinda of an anti-"American idol" movement thing going on?
Paris: A little bit, I mean, 'cause, c'mon, like from the beginning Sanjaya has been kinda of stale, so the only time that's he's actually really been good was actually Jennifer Lopez week, this week.
Announcer: So even though, it kinda, I mean, it kinda put me, here in the Twin Cities you were already known, and everyone knew Princess P and you were at all the events and everything. But American Idol kinda put you on the national map. Even though it helped you with your career, you think its time is over?
Paris: I think that definitely, now having Sanjaya on it, it kinda reminded me of, um, do you ever remember the movie "American Dreamz" that came out last year?
Announcer: Yes.
Paris: OK, remember how there was the Indian guy or the guy from India [Er, actually, Paris, he was Arab. That was one of the main points of the movie: That the Arab contestant was supposedly a terrorist who was going to assassinate the U.S. President when he made a guest appearance on the show], and then it was Mandy Moore? That’s kinda what the competition seems like right now.
Announcer: Paris, I appreciate you calling in, because it's my favorite show on television, for whatever reason, I think the stuff with Sanjaya is a lot of fun.
Paris: I do, too.
Announcer: I think if it does ruin the show, then so be it, then America has spoken! And it ruins the show!
Paris: They're voting so ...
Announcer: Exactly … And people, people have called up here and complained, (mimicking caller complaints) "Oh, I'm so mad about Sanjaya look at this ... You know what's goin' to cancel the show?"
Paris, indifferently: Well that’s all good! At least they're keepin' B96, and Sanjaya is still on "American Idol," it'll still continue to be funny.


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