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Haley Didn't Have a Leg to Stand On

Note: Last night's results story appears beneath this one

So when all was said and done we discovered that sex sells -- but not long-term, otherwise Phil Stacey would be winging his way back home today instead of Haley Scarnato. It's good to know that in the end talent sometimes does prevail on "Idol."

We neglected to give you the complete Bottom 3 lineup last night with the results. Sinking to the bottom along with Haley were Chris Richardson (deservedly) and Phil Stacey (not so deservedly). It was interesting that as Ryan Seacrest had each contestant stand to have his or her fate revealed, when he got to LaKisha Jones, he said, "And in a big surprise ... you are safe. You can sit down, LaKisha." Does that mean that the show's producers thought she would fall in the bottom three -- or nearly had? She should have been standing in Phil's spot, and we predict her luck won't hold out with country music next week. It should offer as great, if not more, of a challenge to her as Latin music, though she'll be spared from having to walk and sing, which winded her more than it should have for her weight and age.

Stretching this results show to an hour made it almost unbearable. They had to fill with so much fluff, that viewers not only had plenty of opportunities for bathroom breaks, they could have taken a shower and washed their hair and still have missed nothing of significance. There was:
  • Extended banter between Ryan and the judges

  • Shots of Eva Longoria and Sharon Osbourne in the audience (Ryan even said "Hi Eva" the second time they showed her just in case we didn't get it. BTW, Micky Dolenz was in the audience Tuesday night)

  • A man-on-the-street survey where Ryan asked about five adults and/or children what they thought of the previous night's performance show

  • The requisite highlights reel of Tuesday's performances

  • The idiotic what color is the sky contest (or was that who sang with Meatloaf at last's season's finale -- Elliott Yamin, Katharine McPhee or Taylor Hicks)

  • An update on the Songwriters' Contest: They've received 5,000 entries to date

  • More film of Jennifer Lopez mentoring the Top 8

  • A performance by Lopez

  • An unannounced performance by Akon, apparently shot the same night a couple of weeks ago when he performed with Gwen Stefani (at least he got to perform this time, instead of just standing around taking up space)

  • A group sing of Enrique Iglesias' "Bailamos"

  • The Ford commercial set to "Happy Together," with the contestants and cars morphing into one another

  • And an extended Idol Gives Back pitch during which we were told that Celine Dion has been added to celeb roster for the April 24-25 event, that Rupert Murdoch's NewsCorp, the parent company of Fox Television, had pledged $5 million to the event, the largest amount to date (and why shouldn't they? That's a drop in bucket compared to the hundreds of millions they've made on "Idol"), leading Ryan to bait Simon with:
Ryan: If we raise $10 million dollars will you sing?
Simon: Me? No.
Ryan: 12 million?
Simon: No, you'll need to raise a lot more than that.

Plus there was more film of Ryan and Simon Cowell in Africa. This actually led to the funniest moment of the night, with Ryan opening the clip with, "One of those two lumps on Simon's chest is actually a heart." In the clip, Simon, surrounded by children, explains how with only $183, "a school in a box" can be purchased for eight children, demonstrating all the materials that would be included in "the box" (frankly, it didn't look like that much to us; seems as if they could have gotten a better deal at Costco). Then a little girl shows Simon the picture she drew of him. In it Simon has breasts. Simon asks her why she has given him breasts when they should be on a woman, not a man, then makes a sarcastic remark about maybe the kids really don't need a school after all. Back in the studio, Ryan quipped, "Even in Africa they think you need a bra," causing Simon to actually blush.


Idol Camp, the performing arts camp based on the show, has announced a partial lineup of Idol finalist alumni who will teach at the camp this summer.

Season 5 finalist Bucky Covington and Season 2 finalist Kimberley Locke are set to teach special Master Classes. Other Idol finalists scheduled to instruct include Season 4's Vonzell Solomon, Season 3's Jon Peter Lewis and Season 2's Carmen Rasmusen. Additional talent is to be announced soon.

Camp director Donna Milani Luther said, "This roster of Idol Camp instructors helps to reinforce our commitment to creating a unique American Idol experience while providing children with the ultimate performing arts education. All of these talented individuals have something special to offer our campers and we're looking forward to working with them this summer."

The first summer session of Idol Camp begins July 7th in Northfield, Mass. Enrollment for Idol Camp summer's sessions is open to 12-15 year olds throughout the United Stated through April 18. Check or for details.

NASTY IDOL SEX TAPE (who else) reports that Olivia Mojica, a top 24 contestant on Season 2 of "American Idol," has a sex tape that will be released soon.

The site says:

"We're told the tape is 'very explicit' and features 40 minutes of 'smoking hot sex.' One source who says he has seen the tape put it this way -- 'It's the nastiest tape I've ever seen.'

"We're told the tape was shot with her boyfriend, but we don't know when. A website featuring a preview of the tape will launch soon, similar to the site created specifically for Kim Kardashian's sex tape. We're told Vivid Entertainment is the front-runner to distribute the tape. Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of the company, said he cannot comment at this time."

Mojica was 18 when she appeared on Idol. Lately, she's been singing with the East Coast rock band The Watchdogs. said Mojica could not be reached for comment.

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