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McPhee's Latest Humiliation

If we were Katharine McPhee, we might never return to Washington, D.C. She travelled to the nation's capital to perform in a fundraiser for Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, and has suffered humiliation not once, but twice.

First it was at the hands of radio station Hot 99.5, which allowed a green and rude intern to interview her. McPhee's handlers instructed the station there were to be "no personal questions," that McPhee was there to talk about the event -- why she was in D.C. So the intern promptly decided to ask only personal questions and never even asked why McPhee was in D.C.

What could be worse than this start? Well, bombing at the fundraiser. The Washinton Post reports that Hillary Clinton's attempt to bring young and hip women into her campaign with a "block party" in a parking lot in downtown Washington did not turn out quite as planned.

The event, named "Club 44," was meant to inspire women in the 18-to-24-year-old set to support Clinton's presidential campaign. "Wear your jeans!" said the invitation. Comedian Caroline Rhea was brought in to be the emcee. Katharine McPhee from "American Idol" was recruited to sing. A "carnival theme" was promised.

McPhee tried to get the crowd going with her song "Love Story." The Clinton partisans declined her invitation to clap and wave. "Let's hear it!" she said when she finished, to lackluster result. "In the back? I know you're out there!" she pressed, earning the sort of applause that follows a weak lounge act.

McPhee gave an awkward chuckle. "That was kind of lame, I have to say," she told the middle-aged hipsters.

We watched a video of the McPhee fiasco and clearly heard either the videographer or someone nearby saying during and after McPhee's performance of "Love Story," "She has to learn how to project" and "I didn't understand one word of that." It didn't help that the outdoor sound system sucked or that McPhee was apparently lip-syncing to backing tracks. (At one point she dropped the mike to her side as her voice continued).

According to the Washington Post, the crowd much preferred the act preceding McPhee: Sen. Barbara Mikulski (D-Md.), who drew a huge ovation for lifting from FDR: "We have today a rendezvous with destiny!"

Only in Washington would a 4-foot-11-inch senator be treated as more of a rock star than an actual rock star. [Well, McPhee is hardly a rock star, more a pop TV sensation and wannabe star.]

Another performer at the event, R&B singer Kenny "Babyface" Edmonds, who saw the 23-year-old McPhee bomb, shrewdly chose to greet those in the crowd with something more their speed. He opened with James Taylor's 1970 hit "Fire and Rain."

Watch video of the McPhee flop in D.C.:

McPhee appeared much happier in this photo run by, on her on her way to D.C. and captioned: Idolicious Katharine McPhee was spotted catching a flight at LAX -- in her sexy new geek-chic eyewear -- and carrying her Chihuahua in a bag. Miss McPhee had been seen a few weeks ago by a myopic TMZ spy at Optical Connection in Studio City, where she picked up the Bulgari face hardware. Kat and her dog caught a redeye to D.C., where she's playing at City Center Lot tonight.


Here is a video of Blake Lewis in the People magazine offices sharing the secrets to his signature style in this video beat-box lesson.

Blake was also interviewed by Bob Rivers for Seattle radio station KZOK/102.5 FM. (Search Blake Lewis in search box on upper-right side of page. When you get the results, select "American Idol Runner Up Blake Lewis" under "Bob Rivers Show Audio" in center of page).

And the Verizon Beatbox Mixer is a fun site where you can try your own hand (and someone else's mouth) to mix your own beatbox sounds.


WTVY-TV reports that Ruben Studdard took some time from his music camp to spend a few moments at the Wiregrass Boys and Girls Club. Studdard was once a Boys and Girls Club member himself.

He grew up within the organization and has since been inducted into the Boys and Girls Club Hall of Fame.

Studdard said he wanted to visit the club to encourage it's current members to continue to dream big. "I feel like it's good for the young people to see someone who's been where they've been. I've been in camp, I've been with that shirt on everyday, I've done this. So for them to see me where I am now, I think would be a great inspiration to them," said Studdar.

And according to Antimusic, Elliott Yamin is scheduled to welcome home Navy Troops from the U.S.S. Boxer (LHD4) on June 15th at their North Island Naval Base in San Diego, Calif. Yamin will have the opportunity to thank the Navy personnel for their service to this country after just returning from Iraq where they have served a double extended deployment.

Yamin will have lunch with the troops and will also participate in a meet and greet with military personnel and their families. He will also sign copies of his debut self-titled CD Elliott Yamin and photos.

"Visiting The North Island Naval base will be a unique and wonderful opportunity," stated Yamin. "I have so much admiration for men and women that service this country and the courage and strength that they possess. I look forward to being able to spend some time with them all and hear some of their stories while I visit the base."

And you watch videos of an interview and performance by Elliott on radio station 95.7 in Denver, Colo. by clicking here.

And a little bit of good press for Katharine McPhee, who, according to the Oroville Mercury-Register she will will be performing today at the opening ceremonies of the Special Olympics Northern California Summer Games at California State University in Berkeley at Haas Pavilion on the Cal Berkeley campus.

Another Idol do-gooder was Season 6 semi-finalist Leslie Hunt, who, according to Chicago Suburban News performed at a "Salute Our Troops" event in Geneva.


The Post Chronicle reports on a World Entertainment News Network story that "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul is considering adoption if she is unable to have her own children biologically.

The single 44-year-old wants to raise a child with a father figure, but if she fails to find a suitable man before it is physically impossible for her to get pregnant, she will adopt. "With medical technology these days, I could have children by myself using a donor. But I would rather be in a relationship so the child has a father to help instill core values," Abdul said.

"If it's meant for me to have children naturally, I absolutely will. I love kids, I really do. And kids love me," adding "I'm so open to the idea of adoption. But, again, I would like to be able to share the raising of the children."

Given all her "medical conditions" and "problems," perhaps it would be better for all of us for Abdul to adopt.


According to, British music mogul Simon Cowell has vowed to age gracefully and stay away from the cosmetic surgeon's knife.

The American Idol judge, 47, admits he works hard to keep in shape and is determined to do the best with what's he was given. He says, "I wouldn't have plastic surgery, it looks ridiculous on guys. I'd never dye my hair either. Everyone thinks I do, but I never have. I do 100 press-ups before I get in the bath in the morning, then at work after a meeting, I'll shut the door and do more."

Obviously, Cowell does believe in whitening his teeth, as the smoker's chops are always unnaturally glow-in-the-dark bright white. So there!


The San Francisco Chronicle reports that country singer Carrie Underwood's MySpace page has been hacked by a cell-phone ringtone promotion.

Fans of the "American Idol" winner have been receiving emails claiming to be from Underwood herself, urging them to check out "these amazing free ringtones."

The spam emails read, "Hey, this is Carrie Underwood. OK here's the deal, I need every single MySpace friend to stop what he/she's doing and go here right now and put your cell # in. You'll receive every ringtone from every myspace artist (including my favorites) ..."

Underwood's management have been made aware of the hack and the password was changed to stop the hackers.


Admittedly, these videos are poor amateur quality, but it's a chance to catch a glance of some of your faves at an event you probably didn't attend, SummerFest 2007, which occurred last weekend in Brea, Calif. In attendance were Ace Young, Paris Bennett, Lisa Tucker, Chris Richardson, Sabrina Sloan, Kevin Covais, Kimberly Caldwell, Will Makar and Sherman Pore.

Watch video of "Harder to Breathe" soundcheck for Chris Richardson and Ace Young:

Watch video of Ace Young and Chris Richardson singing "Harder to Breathe":

Watch video of Ace Young singing "Should I Stay" at Summerfest 2007, featuring Chris Richardson, Lisa Tucker, Paris Bennett, Will Makar, Kimberly Caldwell, Kevin Covais and Sherman Pore going crazy and having fun:

Watch video of Chris Richardson beatboxing while Kevin Covais raps to "Gold Digger":

Watch video of "Through With You" soundcheck for Chris Richardson:

Watch video of Chris Richardson singing "Through With You":

Watch video of Ace Young singing "Scattered":

Watch video of Ace Young at Summerfest 2007:

Watch video of Ace Young singing "Vertigo":

Watch video of Ace Young with kids at Summerfest 2007:

Watch video of Ace Young singing:

Watch video of Kimberly Caldwell, Kevin Covais, Will Makar, Lisa Tucker, Paris Bennett:

Watch video of
Kevin Covais singing "Home".

Watch video of Lisa Tucker and Kevin Covais singing "Tell Him".

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