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'Hey Paula': This Is Reality?

With the weirdness and controversy that swirls around "American Idol" judge Paula Abdul, it's hard to consider anything in her life real, yet her new show, "Hey Paula," is described by the network as a "30-minute docu-drama ... [that] provides an unfiltered [hmmm, we doubt that], real-life look at the 'American Idol' judge, entrepreneur, choreographer and multi-platinum artist, giving insight and context to Abdul's much-reported on professional and personal life." It premieres June 28 on the Bravo cable channel at 10 p.m. says that "Behind the songs, behind the dance, the spotlight, and far away from Simon Cowell, there's the real woman behind the headlines -- pop icon Paula Abdul.

" 'Hey Paula' paints a three-dimensional portrait of Abdul and her 'Crazy Cool' world - from the stressed celebrity and tough business woman to the comedic prankster. Viewers will see Abdul up close 24/7 as she battles insomnia during the much-talked-about 'American Idol' satellite media tour interviews; bumps heads with QVC execs; develops her own fragrance and plays practical jokes on her assistants. Through it all, Abdul has a knack for being able to laugh along the way. On her singing career, she quips, 'Last time I had a hit record, Bill and Hillary were having sex ... that's a long time ago.' And Abdul jokes about Cowell with a QVC security guard, 'If someone comes that has dark hair, that looks like Beavis and Butthead haircut and has a tight shirt ... and he has a British accent, do not let him in.'

"Additionally, the seven-episode series features the posse of people essential in keeping the Abdul empire running smoothly. The 'Hey Paula' players include Daniel, her hairstylist and BFF, who always promises a good time [why is it that everyone's BFF in Hollywood is their hair stylist?]; Jeff, her longtime (and now former) publicist of seven years, who protects her like a sister; Kylie, her full-time wardrobe assistant, who keeps Abdul looking her best; and Abdul's kids ... her four Chihuahuas - Bessie Moo, Chomps, Thumbelina and Tulip.

"In the first episode of 'Hey Paula,' a whirlwind 48 hours lies ahead for the star and 'Team Abdul.' As Abdul gets red-carpet ready for the Grammys, her Chihuahua Chomps chomps down on a loaned million dollar antique ring, much to the chagrin of the overprotective jewelry rep, and a call from the Bratz filmmakers creates additional drama. Immediately after the awards, Abdul changes out of her Valentino gown in the car, while making a mad dash to catch a red eye, and nearly misses the flight. But the day's not over and there's no time to rest for an exhausted Abdul. Landing in Philly, she heads over to QVC to see her jewelry designs, only to find they're not what she envisioned. If it's not up to par, Abdul's not putting her name behind it. With just a few hours before the live QVC show, she voices her concerns. Will the changes to Abdul's jewelry line be made in time? Just an average day in the life of Paula Abdul.

"Abdul's off to NYC in the second installment of 'Hey Paula' for a jam-packed week filled with events, meetings and press. Abdul and her publicist Jeff begin the trip at the annual dinner for the Young Menswear Association Fashion Scholarship Fund for Parson School of Design, where she's presented with the Fashion Icon Award by Tim Gunn - a true honor, since Abdul's graced the worst dressed list more than once. But by the time she gets to her hotel, it's 4 a.m. With just two hours of sleep, Abdul attempts to grab some shut-eye after a meeting with her perfume manufacturers, but ends up losing a battle with insomnia, and continues to miss night after night of sleep. A full week of meetings later, with no zzz's, combined with catching the flu, Abdul must get through a series of satellite interviews to promote 'American Idol.' And this is when she makes headlines once again."

Yup, sure sounds like a real life to us ... about as real as her boobs.


"I love Brandi Carlile," the pop star enthused to Rolling Stone magazine. "Her voice makes me so happy." Clarkson went on to tell Rolling Stone about her thing for Miranda Lambert, a 2003 finalist on American Idol-like country talent show "Nashville Star." "She's a country girl but she is so great," Clarkson gushed. [Lambert’s song] 'Drytown' reminds me of the town I grew up in."

Have you heard Clarkson's latest release from her upcoming album "My December"? It's called "Sober" and you can check it out right here:


MSNBC says that not everyone is happy with what is coming out of Jordin Sparks' mouth. Her former singing coach, Melissa Black, is angry that Jordin never mentioned that she has had formal training.

"Jordin was just 14 years old when she studied with me in 2004," the vocal coach said. "Her mom, Jodi Sparks, and her grandmother, Pam Wiedmann -- who acts as her manager -- found me on the Internet. We were together for nine months of intense vocal work, with Jordin taking one 30-minute class a week at $25 per class... I knew she wouldn't take long to perfect her craft because she was so good."

While there's certainly nothing wrong with perfecting a skill in order to attain your dream, Black's claim could be considered a downer for those fans who thought Sparks' vocal abilities were au naturel. According to Idol's website, when Sparks was asked if she had "any formal singing training" prior to appearing on the show, she simply answered "No."

Needless to say, Black reportedly said it "hurt for a week" to hear Sparks claim that she never had any formal training.

"Jordin didn't have to mention my name, but at least acknowledge you had training," she told Star. "But I've moved on, and I hold my head up high."

However, this message appears on Black's personal Web site:

"It should be known out of respect for Jordin and her family, I will not be speaking to the media concerning her lessons. I love all my students and will never intentionally try to harm them in anyway. I want to apologize to Jordin and the Sparks family for any negitive press that has been linked to me. I did not contact the STAR about her lessons. Someone who thought I deserved to be mentioned for my work with Jordin and other students did. I personally have not said anything negitive, but have been caught up in a crazy media storm." MB

Black's site also states that her "Celebrity client list includes Mary Hart of Entertainment Tonight, Tony Award winner Kristin Chenowith, singer Tabitha Fair of the Amy Grant Band and Kristin Willits Richardson - wife of Backstreet Boy, Kevin Richardson.

"Former award-winning students include Leah Moyer and Jordin Sparks (Star Search finalists) and Breeanna Coronado - up and coming country singing star."

Want to study with Black? Her price has risen to $30 a class.


Carrie Underwood has become only the second country star to reach score 6 million sales with a debut album.

The former "American Idol" winner's first release, "Some Hearts," was certified sextuple platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America (Riaa). Underwood's feat is only matched by LeAnn Rimes' 1996 album Blue.

The "Jesus Take the Wheel" singer's hit album, which was released in November 2005, has spent a total of 26 weeks at number one of the Billboard Top Country Albums chart.

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