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Kelly Clarkson's 'Gay Friendly' Duet

Watch video of an amazing duet of "Since U Been Gone" by Kelly Clarkson and Reba McEnire:

The Web site After Ellen is all a titter about this version, titling it "gay friendly" and saying that "The American Idol winner and country music icon Reba McEntire have dyked things up in a duet of Clarkson's hit single" because, as one poster points out, at exactly the 27th second in this video Kelly sings, "It wasn't long till I called HER mine"

Know what? Who cares? A great singer is a great singer, gay or straight. But it's given a lot of gay girls a new reason to crush on Clarkson.

P.S. But just for the record girls, when Clarkson appeared on "Ellen" last month, she sang the lyric, "It wasn't long till I called HIM mine"

Watch video of Kelly Clarkson singing "Since U Been Gone" on "Ellen":

CLUB RUBEN reports that a Memphis developer said his firm is in talks with former "American Idol" winner Ruben Studdard about opening a nightclub in the planned Birmingham entertainment district.

John Elkington, CEO of Performa Entertainment Real Estate, told members of the Birmingham Ad Federation at a luncheon today that he wants the district to feature nightspots indicative of Birmingham's musical history.

"Ruben Studdard would be great for Birmingham's district and we're in talks with him now," Elkington said. "Ona Watson has a great musical legacy in Birmingham. Those are the type of people we want involved."

Elkington said he has signed several tenants and will announce some of them soon. His goal is to break ground on the project this fall, with opening set within 18 months.

The entertainment district is planned for property adjacent to the Birmingham Jefferson Convention Complex.

Performa is credited with rejuvenating Memphis' Beale Street with venues such as a B.B. King blues club.

... Meanwhile, the Richmond-Times Dispatch reports that Studdard seduced the women at last night's Fridays at Sunset show -- even the ones snuggling with male companions -- with his easy charm and soothing voice.

He also generously gave up the stage for a few minutes so Richmonder Vance Hayes could propose to girlfriend Tia Wansley (she said yes) as the crowd cheered them on.

Studdard, 28, launched his 90-minute set with the uptempo "Ain't No Party," a song written by Richmond native Harold Lilly, who received several shout-outs from Studdard throughout the concert.

Though he sounded more nasally than velvety for the first couple of songs, and hit some rough spots during "One Side," Studdard recovered in time for the chorus and directed the crowd of just more than 1,000 to "put your hands to the sky!"

A jolly fellow with a sweet grin perpetually plastered on his face, Studdard recalled staying at the Jefferson Hotel when touring with "American Idol" four years ago, and his frequent question, "Where my ladies at?" usually garnered excitable screams as those ladies popped up from lawn chairs to gyrate and point their cell phones at him.

When Studdard crept into his signature rendition of "Superstar," one woman repeatedly squealed "Oh, my God!" as if God himself had appeared on stage. Such is the effect of Studdard's gentle teasing, especially with that song, which indeed sounded sweet and clear as he effortlessly landed the big notes.

Along with his own repertoire from three albums of material, Studdard offered a gratifying run of old-school songs that, unfortunately, spotlighted how toothless his own material is by comparison.

"How Can You Mend a Broken Heart," his phrasing a hybrid of Barry Gibb and Al Green, worked surprisingly well, while his take on "Can't Get Enough of Your Love, Babe," was rich, full and nearly as great as Barry White.

Studdard isn't going to alter the R&B universe with nondescript songs such as "Change Me" and "Sorry 2004," but he's an exceptional singer and song interpreter. That should sustain his career at least a few more years.


From Jon Bon Jovi, speaking to the UK's Daily Mail about his experience working on "American Idol" ("I liked Simon Cowell -- he was nice") this season:

" ... It's important that the kids learn to write their own songs. With these kids, their first album goes multi-platinum, but where do they actually go to learn their chops?"

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