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Kellie Pickler: New Boobs, New Boy

While we can't confirm that the boobs actually are new -- Kellie Pickler coyly refuses to confirm or deny knowing that she'll lose the attention for them once the public knows for sure -- we can confirm that the new boy, er man, in her life is NHL Nashville Predators forward Jordin Tootoo.

Pickler confirmed the relationship with Tootoo, 24, in a recent interview US Weekly magazine. "We've been seeing each other since January, but we kept it under wraps," said Pickler, 20.

Tootoo, who is originally from Churchill, Manitoba in Canada and has an Inuit Eskimo lineage, reportedly invited the Albemarle, N.C.-native to one of his games and the romance began to blossom from there.

"I am this country bumpkin and he's an Eskimo," said Pickler, who plans to visit his central Canada hometown this summer. "I'm going to build an igloo!"

Unfortunately, Kellie has had issues besides love to deal with lately. Her father, Clyde Pickler, was arrested for the second time this year. The elder Pickler was arrested May 18 on a felony count of obtaining property under false pretense and three felony counts of larceny of a motor vehicle. Clyde "Bo" Pickler Jr., 42, is accused of stealing abandoned and disabled vehicles and illegally selling them to scrap yards. Bond was set at $26,000.

Pickler was released from jail in 2006 after a serving a three-year sentence for stabbing his neighbor. He was arrested on Feb. 7 this year in Albemarle, N.C., for allegedly assaulting his new wife with a steak knife. He was subsequently charged with misdemeanor assault with a deadly weapon, misdemeanor assault on a female and a misdemeanor charge of communicating threats.

According to CMT.com, Pickler's father is scheduled to appear in court on July 9 in Albemarle, N.C. for the May 18th arrest. He was also scheduled to also appear in court two weeks ago (May 24) for a misdemeanor charge of operating a vehicle without a license and again next week (June 12) for a separate misdemeanor larceny charge. Kellie Pickler’s dad also sold her out – literally. Last year, a source told Us Weekly that Clyde auctioned off some of his daughter's belongings on eBay while she was on the Idols tour during summer 2006. "It was personal effects that he had from her childhood, like shoes," said an Idol insider. "When Kellie found out, she was crushed. Everything was gone."

Kellie interviewed a couple of weeks ago by
WCNC in Charlotte, N.C. Here are some excerpts:

"My life has definitely done a 180," Pickler said as she sat in her small bathroom talking about how her life has changed in the tour bus she is travelling with Brad Paisley. "It's not every day I get to sit on my toilet and have people watching me with cameras."

Pickler said it's hard leaving her hometown friends for the bright lights of Nashville, where she currently lives. But Pickler did want to talk, even about the plastic surgery rumors regarding her breasts.

"Oh my boobs?" Pickler said. "I don't care. You know what? The most important thing is you're happy with what you see when you look in the mirror. You just have to brush off the people that criticize you and put you down because it's not really about this [gestures to her chest], it's about what's in here [points to her heart].

"And your real friends are gonna to love you no matter what you look like whether you're a negative A cup or a triple D. They're gonna love you just because you're you," Pickler said.

In true Pickler fashion, she said what was on her mind, even when she talked about dating. "Some of the most attractive guys are ugly as soon as their mouths open," she said.

And she admitted to a flirtation with a Nashville hockey player. "Everyone always says we're the hockey-tonk hook-up in Nashville. It’s kind of cute."

The singer said it started with dinner and they’ve been hanging out ever since. "He has introduced me to so many different types of food," Pickler said. "I’ve been eating raw fish. It's kind of weird. I ate eel the other day."

But she's far from settling down. "If it's meant to be then it will happen," she said. "And if not then I'll just be an old hag with a bunch of cats."

Speaking about the mother who abandoned her when she was young, Pickler said she has no idea where her mother is now. "I don't have contact with her."

Does she want to know? "It's kind of like there's been a huge bridge that's been burned you know and sometimes it's kind of hard to repair so I don't know what I'd say. I don't know what I'd do. ... We all go through obstacles in life but at the end we make it," Pickler said.

Pickler, a beauty school drop out, also tried nursing. "I even tried paralegal for crying out loud. I thought well maybe I could help my dad out a little bit! I'm kidding dad."

Of her grandmother, who helped raise her and died before her 'American Idol' success, Pickler said, "I want her to be tangible. I want to hold her. I want her to hold me. It's hard."

Where she came from is so much a part of where she's going. "I just feel like finally my dreams are coming true."

This week, according to Netmusiccountdown.com Pickler earned the Look Of The Week in US Weekly's June 4 issue for the ACM Awards. Her gown was designed by Max Azria.

Kellie also had to say this in the May 28 issue of OK! magazine, according to Reality TV World:

On her breasts: "I'm a girl that likes to be the center of attention, and right now I am, so I feel like maybe I should let the mystery live on. If I say yes or no, nobody's going to care anymore. I'm going to keep playing this game with everybody."

Of Ryan Seacrest's attention to her chest when she performed on a Season 6 results show, Pickler said, "I didn't have a clue what he was talking about. It was no biggie, it's Ryan and he's going to do his job. I don't take anything personally. I thought he was implying have I bought a house, a car. He kept saying, 'What have you bought?' And I was like, 'shoes,' which wasn't a lie. I've stacked up some shoes! I thought he wanted me to keep listing things."

But the 20-year-old added that going under the knife for the sake of beauty isn't totally out of the question. "I'm all for it. When I'm older I'm getting everything sucked, tucked and cut off," Pickler jokingly told OK!

Speaking of her father, she said, "It was hard to pick up where we left off after the show because our lives had changed. When he was incarcerated, I was 16. It had been four years since I'd seen him. When he came home I was a grown woman. We're not close."

Pickler said that her fling with Nashville Predators forward Jordin Tootoo isn't that serious yet. "I'm not looking to settle down. I'm only 20," she said, adding she'd like the relationship to develop naturally. "The most important thing to me right now is enjoying my youthful years and continuing to sing country music and focus on my career."

"Now that I have the career that I want -- and a job I love -- it make life better. ... I feel blessed. I want to continue putting out great country music and living my dream."


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