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Hey! That Funny Guy Can Really Sing

According to the Baptist Press, Chris Sligh, 28, that Jack Osbourne look-alike who broke us up at his Birmingham Idol audition, is a songwriter, lead singer and guitarist for the Greenville-based band Half Past*Forever, who frequently perform in the Handlebar in Greenville. Cheryl Greene, Sligh’s voice professor while he attended North Greenville University in Tigerville, S.C., said, “Chris was an incredible voice student, but I can’t take credit for his contemporary style. ... It will be exciting to see what happens.” Sligh has lived in Greenville for about 10 years and also attended Bob Jones University. Make sure to catch the leaked clip of him singing "Know" with Half Past*Forever here from their forthcoming release "Take a Chance on Something Beautiful" (I'm ready to buy it) and listen to more of their music on the band's site. Sligh actually has an excellent voice, and sounds even better than he did singing "Kiss From a Rose" during his Idol audition. Can't wait to see what happens to him in Hollywood.


According to Bona Fide Bice, Bo Bice has been spotted in the audience of "Nashville Star" for the past two weeks wearing a hat fans sent to him. With his contract with RCA in question, and neither side willing to speak about it, does this mean that Bo is looking for a change in labels -- or musical style?

Some bulletin boards and Web sites speculate that Bo might be at the "Nashville Star" shows in support of brother and sister contestants Zac and Angela Hacker, who both have amazing voices and who could wind up duking it out for the title. Bice and the Hackers have a mutual friend -- Universal recording artist Gary Nichols.


Now here's a news item that Fox can feature on its two abovementioned shows. The Tennessean reports that 60-year-old Californian Daniel Robert Young is being held on $500,000 bond pending his extradition to Tampa, Fla., for stalking “American Idol” Season 4 finalist Jessica Sierra. Young was arrested in January 2006 for repeatedly calling Sierra and showing up at her grandmother’s home.

He was arrested again in Nashville on Feb. 2 after Sierra’s agency, Verge Management, filed a harassment complaint with Metro police after Young contacted the singer’s agent the day before. Young said he had recently moved to Nashville.


According to a story in Canada's National Post, Ottawa native Jory Steinberg, the 25-year-old transplanted Canadian who won her Golden Ticket to Hollywood at the New York auditions, was actually a child star in her native country and was once touted to be the next Alanis Morissette.

In 1991, Jory, who moved to Santa Monica, Calif. 10 years ago, played Young Coussette in the Ottawa production of "Les Miserables" at age 10, and reprised the role in Toronto in 1993. She also frequently performed the Canadian national anthem at sports and political events in Canada, and even sang for the Queen of England once (aha, that's how she met her!).

In 1998, the then 15-year-old signed a seven-album deal with record label 143, owned at the time by Canadian-born producer David Foster. The same year she sang "Try to Say Goodbye" on the soundtrack of the Jennifer Love Hewitt movie "I Know What You Did Last Summer." The single was played on Canadian radio, as well as overseas. "I think it went double platinum in Australia or Japan," said Steinberg. But due to management reshuffling at the label, Steinberg's first album was never released.

Fox officials say "Idol" has no problem with her competing, since she does not have a current recording contract. She was able to enter the competition because she is a resident of the U.S. and holds a green card.

SPOILER: The New York Post said Jory's hometown paper reported that the singer had made it to the semi-finalist round of 24 as the competition progressed behind closed doors in Hollywood. A spokeswoman for the show declined to confirm the report. Through a Google search we discovered that there had been a story in the Ottawa Sun on Jan 24, 2007, with the lead, "Last night, former Ottawan Jory Steinberg, 25, made the tough cut in American Idol, and will successfully go on to the next round." However the link to the story has since been taken down.


If you're up for a roadtrip you can see Kellie Pickler on Thursday. The Rochester Democrat and Chronicle reports that the Season 5 finalist will perform and hold a Q&A session from noon to 1 p.m.on Thursday Feb. 8 in the center court of The Mall at Greece Ridge in Greece, N.Y. The event is free.


If you can't get enough of New York Idol reject Ian Benardo, who said, "I love being a national joke," catch this short clip on him in Hollywood (yes, he got to Hollywood anyway) on the Extra Web site.

And don't miss this clip of Jonathan Jayne and Kenneth Briggs (does anyone know whether his name is really Briggs or Swale -- we've seen it both ways?) reporting from the Bob Hope Classic (or as Kenneth calls it, the Bob Barkley Golf Tournament) for "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" The duo even persuaded a number of celebs to sing "God Bless America" with them, including Ray Romano, Taylor Hicks, Marcus Allen, Jerome Bettis, Scott Hamilton, Huey Lewis and Chris Tucker. It's a hoot.

Christine Brennan of USA Today wasn't nearly as charitable in her description of how she felt Kimmel's show used Jayne and Briggs to also invade the Super Bowl's media day at Dolphin Stadium. They interrupted other reporters and repeated whatever the show's handler's told them to through their earpieces. You can read her story here.

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