Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Antonella Everywhere

To our loyal readers,

We apologize for no new posts the past few days. Idol Addict has been really sick and unable to get to the computer. We're on the mend and will attempt to again update at least once a day. Thanks to all of you who have stuck with us.

The Top 10 boys have sung and we'll let you know how we think they did in the morning, meanwhile ...

Love her or hate her, dressed or undressed, Antonella Barba continues to grab more attention than any other semi-finalist. In fact, Yahoo! Buzz reports that Antonella has again topped the list of "American Idol" contestant searches, stating, "Despite her brutal performance on Wednesday, Antonella leads the way. Why? Curious searchers are busy looking for naughty pics of the 20-year-old circulating on the Web."

And pics there are. Not 1, not 10, but dozens and dozens. More and more each day. It seems as if Barba spends the better part of her life in front of a camera. And there's one thing you can't deny looking at these photos -- she's got a rock-solid knockout body. But obscene? Er, no. We hate to ever agree with Barba's BFF Amanda Coluccio, but we've closely compared the more tame and revealing photos (which Amanda has indicated are Barba) with the clearly pornographic fellatio photos and do not think they are of the same girl. Which is not to say that the Barba photos are not a tad scandalous. After all, 19 Entertainment at this very moment is also trying to sell Idol Camp for 12 to 15 year olds, while wet T-shirt, thong, topless, bottomless, and rose petal-strewn pix of American Idol semi-finalist Antonella seem just a click away, everywhere you turn. For those of you who can't stand to miss the latest batch, here is where you can find the pictures being referred to elsewhere as "The Fountain Shots."

Personally, we were most entertained by a series of shots, ahem, mounted by VotefortheWorst.com. The site says: "We came up with the most SHOCKING pictures of all that will expose the REAL Antonella. After seeing these, there is NO way that Idol will want to kick her out." Hey, these guys really piss us off at times, but you can't deny they're funny. Check out their obviously photoshopped Antonella photos. Yes, it's a crude Photoshop job and they don't try to hide it, but it's also an object lesson in how digital technology has made it easy for even brute amateurs to Forrest Gump anything about anyone on the Internet ... or elsewhere. What you see is not always what you get.


Season 5 finalist Kellie Pickler will appear on this Thursday’s results show to sing her new single "I Wonder" and Season 4 winner Carrie Underwood, whose other awards are becoming too numerous to list, will perform on the March 8 results show.


Fantasia Barrino's original performance of "Summertime"

And for those of you who might also have been ill (or out) and missed the Academy Awards, here are some Jennifer Hudson Oscar-night videos for you to enjoy ...

Barbara Walters interviews Jennifer Hudson on her pre-Oscar show

Jennifer Hudson accepts her Oscar for Best Supporting Actress from George Clooney

Jennifer Hudson and Beyonce sing a medley from "Dreamgirls"

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