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Simon Cowell's Fitness Factor

The UK's Sun reports that superfit Simon Cowell does 300 press-ups a day — even when he's flying, according to his girlfriend Terri Seymour, who revealed that the 47-year-old is obsessed with exercising.

"Nothing will stop him doing his 300 press-ups. Even if he is flying he will do them on the plane. He just can’t not do them," Seymour said, adding "We're polar opposites — that's the secret of our happy relationship."

Cowell has previously admitted that he wants to age gracefully and would never go under the surgeon's knife -- saying that cosmetic surgery looks unattractive on men."I wouldn't have plastic surgery, it looks ridiculous on guys," he said. "I'd never dye my hair either. Everyone thinks I do, but I never have. "I do 100 press-ups before I get in the bath in the morning, then at work after a meeting, I'll shut the door and do more."


Fox has announced the nominees for the 2007 Teen Choice Awards, to be broadcast on Aug. 26 at 8-10 p.m., and, not surprisingly, the list includes "American Idol" finalists (well, it is, after all, a Fox show).

Among the nominees are:

American Idol
America's Next Top Model
Dancing with the Stars
The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll
The Hills

Nick Cannon - Wild N Out
Ryan Seacrest - American Idol, E!
Simon Cowell - American Idol

Tyra Banks - America's Next Top Model
Bruno Tonioli - Dancing with the Stars

Apolo Anton Ohno - Dancing with the Stars
Flavor Flav- Flavor of Love
Jojo, Diggy, Russy (Run's sons) - Run's House
Sanjaya - American Idol
Three 6 Mafia - Adventures in Hollyhood

Jaslene Gonzalez - America's Next Top Model
Jordin Sparks - American Idol
Lauren Conrad - The Hills
New York - I Love New York
Paris Hilton - The Simple Life

Gwen Stefani
Carrie Underwood
Nelly Furtado

Amy Winehouse
Corinne Bailey Rae
Katharine McPhee
Lily Allen
Vanessa Hudgens

Gym Class Heroes
Shop Boyz
The Fray

Better Than Me - Hinder
It's Not Over - Daughtry
Makes Me Wonder - Maroon 5
Thanks for the Memories - Fall Out Boy
What I've Done - Linkin Park

What Goes Around - Justin Timberlake
Before He Cheats - Carrie Underwood
Never Again - Kelly Clarkson

Irreplaceable - Beyonce
U + Ur Hand - Pink

Paris Hilton goes to jail, gets out of jail, then goes to jail again!
Britney Spears shaves her head!
Lindsay Lohan goes to rehab, gets out of rehab, goes to rehab again!
Larry Birkhead is Dannielynn's father!
Sanjaya Malakar sports a faux-hawk on American Idol!

For a full list of nominees, click here.


ETonline interviewed Sanjaya Malakar as he rehearsed for the Idols Live 2007 tour which kicks off today in Sunrise, Fla.:

How has your life changed since "Idol"?
It is completely different. People recognize me and say my name correctly without ever having met me! That is really weird. I am having a lot of fun with it. I am experiencing things I never would have been able to experience; I am learning things I never would have been able to learn. I am happy.

Has anybody talked to you about plans after the tour?
I am in limbo. We are still with "American Idol," so we are still focusing on that right now, but I think once the tour is over we will be able to focus on our individual careers.

What are you looking forward to the most on the tour?
I am looking forward to being with my nine new best friends. Honestly, this is the closest I have ever gotten to this many people in this short amount of time. It is going to be really cool to spend time with them.

Are you taking anything special with you?
I am taking my Tempur-Pedic Pillow. Also, I have a rock that says "breathe" on it. To me, my weakness is my breathing technique, and so I have a rock that says "breathe" to remind me to focus on that.

Are you going to do different hairdos for different cities?
I am not going to say because I want it to be a surprise.


That's what American Idol's diva judge, with tears in her eyes, tells her publicists as she pleads with them to help change her image on episode 3 of "Hey Paula." Honey, if it looks like it, smells like it, and your maids have to clean it -- and you -- up, well .... you know.

But life isn't as easy as you might think for Paula Abdul. She explains at the beginning of the following video that she has two "big events" she's attending that weekend, the first of which is to go to a "gifting suite" to pick out freebies, after which she has to fly to Las Vegas to be presented with a "Woman of the Year Award." Jeez all in the same weekend? Wow, her life really is rough. A little pity here please. Check it out:


The Japan Times reports that taking place this weekend in Kanazawa City, Ishikawa Prefecture, International Heart Expo 2007 is a charity event that aims to take "direct action" to support children in developing countries. Volunteers from Japan and abroad will participate.

The expo will host a charity market and a fashion show featuring performances by singer Justin Guarini (runnerup on season one of "American Idol"), contemporary dancer Ayako Kurakake and many more.

Clothes made with silk from Cambodia and Ishikawa Prefecture's Komatsu City and designed by Japanese fashion designers will be on view. Children from Myanmar, Cambodia and Sri Lanka will model for the show.

"Direct action" is an approach advocated by Japanese Buddhist monk Gayuna Cealo, whose charity work includes the setting up of orphanages in countries such as Myanmar and Cambodia.

Cealo's charity work aims to directly affect the lives of people in need, giving them food, blankets, medical supplies, clothes and, most importantly, educates them on becoming self-reliant.


WGET-TV reports that instead of holding their own celebrations, lots of folks decided to head out to northeast Bakersfield to enjoy the professional fireworks display at Bakersfield College.

The 53rd annual "Red, White and Boom" fireworks show started with a concert featuring Bakersfield-native and "American Idol" Season 3 finalist Amy Adams.

Watch video clip of Amy Adams performing at Red, White and Boom.


Stuff magazine finally posted their interview with Katharine McPhee along with some pretty hot photos:

Katharine McPhee is tough to label. The American Idol finalist was squeaky–clean during her run on the show, singing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and flashing her pearly whites. But on her self–titled hit debut, she shows her devilish side, trashing the guys she's "over" and wowing the world with a sexy album cover. So which is the real Kat? To find out, we chilled with her at a café in her hometown of Sherman Oaks, California. Katharine was all girl–next–doorish in her summer dress and no makeup—hell, she even introduced us to her mom. Then she sat down for an interview about her zany college days, Meat Loaf and pregnant nuns. Turns out the real Katharine is actually just really frickin' cool.

Are you more McNaughty or McNice?
There are different sides of me. On American Idol, people saw the side that is very professional and put together. But there's this other side of me that’s outgoing, energetic and wild—and did really stupid things in college.

Please discuss.
This one time we were walking down the street in Boston, and I was wearing this little skirt. There was this grate with air coming from underneath it. I remember standing above the grate with the air blowing up, and I was holding my skirt down. Another time, we went down to Coyote Ugly. We had so much fun dancing on the bar; the girls were taking their bras off. But I didn't do that.

Your album cover is pretty racy. Did you do it to shock people?
People made a big deal out of that. They said, "She's a slut, blah blah blah." But I'm really not showing that much skin. It's all suggested.

What was the worst thing about being on Idol?
Sometimes we couldn't go out after midnight, and for a 21–year–old, that's pretty crazy. And security went everywhere with me. For me, that was like, OK, this is weird. We're just kids on a reality show!

You had the rare honor of performing with Meat Loaf. What was that like?
I really liked the guy, but no one warned me that he was going to be so energetic. The first time we sang together, he told me, "Just so you know, I like to go full–out." I said OK, but he was, like, full–on performing it, and I was so caught off guard. All my fellow Idols were sitting in the audience laughing. I looked at him and just started laughing—no disrespect to him.

Have you always been popular with the fellas?
I was prematurely developed. As a freshman, I looked like a junior; I had boobs. Some of the older kids saw me in the yearbook and said I was cute.

So you probably didn't have a problem finding a guy.
I came from an all–girl school, so I was determined to get a boyfriend!

Your current boyfriend is almost 20 years your senior. Do you usually go for older dudes?
When I turned 21, I thought it was a good age to explore. You're no longer a teenager, so it's OK [to date older guys]. I gravitated toward them, and I love them. They're just wiser, and they're less about themselves and more about you.

What do younger men need to know about the opposite sex?
Women sometimes act out, and men get frustrated. They don't get that all we want is, for a few seconds, for you to be all about the girl—to snuggle her and give her kisses and tell her, "Your lips are so pretty today. I love your lips." For me, with men, I will fixate on something. I'll say, "I'm obsessed with your chin." I'll kiss his chin and munch on it, and I think that makes people feel good.

Do you see yourself settling down?
Oh, yeah. I want to have, like, 15 babies. I've always wanted to be pregnant. One year for Halloween, I decided to be pregnant, so I got this nun costume, and I put a big belly under it. I showed my parents and said I want to go to school as a pregnant nun. My dad sat me down and said, "Katharine, you can't!"

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