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Carrie Underwood's Music Mentors

In the July issue of InStyle magazine, Carrie Underwood talked about how she is inspired by the true pioneers of country music. "In country music, we remember the people who came before us: Singers like Tammy Wynette, Patsy Cline, Dolly Parton. It is awesome for me to have a chance to honor them -— they are the reason I'm here! Growing up, I listened to their old 45s on our record player all the time. It was great to see strong women doing so well -— and to know it was possible to become like them."

Underwood lists her five favorite songs as:
1. "Crazy" by Patsy Cline
2. "Walkin' After Midnight" by Patsy Cline
3. "Stand by Your Man" by Tammy Wynette
4. "Jolene" by Dolly Parton
5. "9 to 5" by Dolly Parton

In the same issue of the magazine, Kelly Clarkson did a photo shoot with Aero-
's Steve Tyler. You can watch a video of the shoot on the magazine's Web site.


According to, former Marine Josh Gracin will tour the Persian Gulf this summer in support of our troops overseas. Josh will leave his wife and three children at home in Nashville to play shows and spend time with the troops stationed throughout the Persian Gulf. The overseas tour is sponsored by MWR and Stars for Stripes.

"It means a lot to me to do this," said Josh. "As a former Marine it's important for me to give back to our men and women in uniform. I hope these shows can help them to escape for just a moment and bring a little piece of home to our folks serving overseas."


In an interview with Camp, Vince Clarke of the group Erasure was asked:

What are your thoughts on American Idol or Pop Idol? Would you ever perform on a show like that?

No. I mean, I think it's entertaining but it's not much to do with music. It's more to do with personality and being famous, you know? It would be great if all the artists wrote their own songs. That would be interesting.


I thought I had solved the mystery of Bothell "Idol" Blake Lewis' underwear when someone called in a hot tip about spotting boxers in his luggage. Au contraire, writes Seattle Times columnist Pamela Sitt. "I thought I'd let you know that Blake does not actually wear boxers OR briefs," writes Tracy from Albany, N.Y. To prove it, she even sent me a YouTube link — of Blake talking about going commando, not actual video of him being commando, and thank goodness because this is a family newspaper. "I guess his owning boxers is kind of like my owning a treadmill," Tracy went on. "You bought it, you meant to use it, but somehow ... "

Actually, the video originated on, where it doesn't carry the faint imprint on the video of the person who mounted it on So either watch the original version (preceded by a 15 second Coca-Cola spot), or the YouTube one here:


The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that Season 5 finalist Mandisa will perform at NorthStar Church in Kennesaw on Aug. 24 as a guest for "Love Transforms," an event focused on showing how love can change lives. Tickets, $25, are available only online. Seating is limited. Doors open at 6 p.m.; event begins at 7:30. NorthStar is at 3413 Blue Springs Road. For more details, call the Women's League at 770-420-9808.


RegInMusic: hey Jordin! what's going on?
JordinIdolChamp: Nothing much, just sitting here in rehearsals :)
RegInMusic: ahh, well thanks for taking the time out to chat. i'm sure you're crazy busy
JordinIdolChamp: No no no! No problem!
JordinIdolChamp: I like to chat anyway :)
RegInMusic: congratulations on everything so far. I know quite a few people here at AOL Music who voted for you multiple times.
RegInMusic: including me
JordinIdolChamp: Awww well thank you so much!!
RegInMusic: how are rehearsals going so far?
JordinIdolChamp: They're going really really well.
JordinIdolChamp: Phil is in here taking a nap haha
JordinIdolChamp: we're actually on lunch break right now
RegInMusic: haha... when does the tour actually start?
JordinIdolChamp: Well it starts July 6th in Sunrise Florida and doesn't end until the end of September
JordinIdolChamp: I am SO excited for it!
RegInMusic: wow, i'm sure everyone else is too! is there a city in particular you're looking forward to the most?
JordinIdolChamp: Hmmm...well I'm excited for my hometown
JordinIdolChamp: but I'm looking forward to all of it
RegInMusic: of course ;)
JordinIdolChamp: just waking up in a different city every morning is going to be a blast
RegInMusic: so much has been going on for you. have you actually had the time to take a moment and let everything sink in?
JordinIdolChamp: you know...I've been trying to soak it all in but SOOOO much has been happening
RegInMusic: let's backtrack a bit to this past season of Idol
RegInMusic: did you ever feel intimidated about being one of the youngest contestants?
JordinIdolChamp: you know it was always brought up. I mean everyone had so much more experience than I did.
JordinIdolChamp: there were days when I did and days when I didnt
JordinIdolChamp: I cant really sit here and say that I never thought about it and worried
JordinIdolChamp: but it was also awesome, because the other contestants would help me out and give me advice
RegInMusic: you sure showed everyone age wasn't a factor
JordinIdolChamp: Awww well thank you!
RegInMusic: you guys all seemed really close throughout the season
RegInMusic: were you all living in the same house?

JordinIdolChamp: well we were living in the same complex
JordinIdolChamp: it wasnt one big house but we had rooomates
JordinIdolChamp: and we are close
JordinIdolChamp: when everyone came back for the was like a family reunion!
RegInMusic: so who was your roommate?
JordinIdolChamp: I roomed with Haley and Melinda!
JordinIdolChamp: They were so awesome, I love them so much.
RegInMusic: that sounds like a blast! although i was hoping you'd say sanjaya
RegInMusic: maybe you guys stayed up doing each other's hair or something
JordinIdolChamp: Hahahaha
JordinIdolChamp: well that would have been fun but there's that little factor that he's a boy...
JordinIdolChamp: girls roomed with girls and guys roomed with guys
RegInMusic: true... i'm sure your dad wouldn't be too happy about that
RegInMusic: do you care to share any juicy gossip that went on behind the scenes?
RegInMusic: you know i had to ask...

JordinIdolChamp: haha sorry
JordinIdolChamp: someone took the computer out of my hand
RegInMusic: was it Phil? tell him to go back to sleep! jk
JordinIdolChamp: haha no, it was joe
JordinIdolChamp: he helps out around here...actually its his comp
JordinIdolChamp: but no my dad wouldnt be happy
JordinIdolChamp: i dont have any gossip hahaha
JordinIdolChamp: and i know you had to ask it's okay :)
RegInMusic: speaking posted about you and blake possibly being an item
JordinIdolChamp: Really!? I haven't seen it
JordinIdolChamp: haha everytime I try to look on the site it shuts down!!
RegInMusic: any truth to the rumor?
JordinIdolChamp: haha no
JordinIdolChamp: Blake is one of my best friends but we don't see each other like that
RegInMusic: but is it true that you guys walk around holding hands?
JordinIdolChamp: sorry i was laughing
RegInMusic: haha
RegInMusic: i feel you sweating ;)
JordinIdolChamp: hahah
JordinIdolChamp: wait
JordinIdolChamp: yes we hold hands but we DONT see each other that way
JordinIdolChamp: lol
JordinIdolChamp: we give hugs whatever
RegInMusic: ok... but you DO think he's an attractive guy, right?
JordinIdolChamp: yeah he's cute duh
JordinIdolChamp: he's also 8-9 years older than me
RegInMusic: ok ok... fair enough
JordinIdolChamp: he's like an older brother
JordinIdolChamp: hahaha
RegInMusic: ok, let's move on...
RegInMusic: i'll stop picking on you
JordinIdolChamp: okay thanks :)
RegInMusic: was there a point during the show where you thought to yourself, "wow, i can actually REALLY win this thing" or was that your mentality from the very beginning?
JordinIdolChamp: well, I always wanted to win
JordinIdolChamp: you don't enter a competition without wanting to win riiiight?
RegInMusic: of course and that attitude paid off!
JordinIdolChamp: but i mean when i made the top 12, i was like "wow i actually have a 1 in 12 chance of winning this thing!'
JordinIdolChamp: i try to keep a positive outlook on everything
JordinIdolChamp: try to find the silver lining
RegInMusic: that's awesome. well, now that you ARE the winner... do you feel pressured to live up to the success of the previous Idols?
JordinIdolChamp: oh my goodness it still feels weird to hear that :)
JordinIdolChamp: yeah there's that pressure, they've all done so well with their careers and i want to do the same thing
RegInMusic: i guess it hasn't completely sunk in ;)
JordinIdolChamp: maybe a couple albums, couple awards... haha
RegInMusic: i'm sure you don't have to worry!
RegInMusic: have you heard the rumor that Britney Spears might be replacing one of the judges next season?
JordinIdolChamp: whhhhattt!?
JordinIdolChamp: is she replacing Simon?
JordinIdolChamp: oh my gosh :)
RegInMusic: ha, maybe -- i guess we'll find out. are you a Britney fan?
JordinIdolChamp: I have her first and second album actually
RegInMusic: ah, you're a fan of old school Britney, i guess
RegInMusic: i was reading up on you, and something caught my attention...
JordinIdolChamp: lol i guess so
JordinIdolChamp: okayyy....
RegInMusic: please tell me it's true that you appeared on a show with Alice Cooper a few years ago
JordinIdolChamp: yes its true! He's so awesome!
RegInMusic: you have to explain
JordinIdolChamp: haha okay! it was for his christmas show he has every year
JordinIdolChamp: he had a contest for singers and bands and i competed and won
JordinIdolChamp: i got to perform with the gin blossoms, alice, ted was amazing!
RegInMusic: who knew jordin sparks was an alice cooper fan!
JordinIdolChamp: yeah i am! He's great!
JordinIdolChamp: and i actually found a couple songs today that i like at a meeting...
RegInMusic: have you started working on your album yet?
RegInMusic: i'm sure fans are dying to know when and what they can expect

JordinIdolChamp: well it's definitely going to be top 40 stuff
JordinIdolChamp: radio friendly, uplifting songs you can blast through the windows!
JordinIdolChamp: we're supposed to have it out before thansgiving!
RegInMusic: exciting! what's the biggest change now that you're super-famous?
RegInMusic: and what do you miss most pre-idol success?
JordinIdolChamp: oh my goodness you know walking around isn't as easy as it used to be
JordinIdolChamp: and when i went to NY i had paparazzi follow me allllll day
JordinIdolChamp: they were at my hotel, the places i ate, the TV shows i went to
JordinIdolChamp: THAT was weird
RegInMusic: i hear you -- same thing happens to me ALL the time ;)
JordinIdolChamp: hahahahah
RegInMusic: ok, anything you want to say to your fans before you go?
JordinIdolChamp: I just want to say thank you so much for everything. Thanks for the gifts and letters! You guys are the best and I can't wait to see you all on tour! Really hope i make you proud. I LOVE YOU!
RegInMusic: excellent, thanks so much for chatting
RegInMusic: congrats again and good luck with the album, tour, and paparazzi! ;)

JordinIdolChamp: Thank you sooooooo much!
JordinIdolChamp: hope to talk again soon!
RegInMusic: awesome... see ya!


Watch video of the critically drubbed "Hey Paula," the Paula Abdul reality series that premiered on Bravo last week. Watch Video 1:

Watch Video 2 of "Hey Paula":

Watch video of Jennifer Hudson and Jennifer Holliday singing "And I Am Telling You I'm Not Going" on the BET Awards:

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