Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Singing in San Diego

We're back to one-hour audition shows. Thank you, lord. San Diego was just run of the mill, a few good singers, a few mildly crazy people were shown. Nobody spectacular in either category. We've yet to be shown a contestant we're really rabid to win the competition. And nearly everyone who we've been shown that possesses a modicum of talent has previous experience, from making demos to recording for major labels to touring with established singing stars. Feh!

Where is the promise of "American Idol," to find new, raw, previously undiscovered talent? It seems that everyone we've heard of who has made it to the Top 50 (the 24 semi-finalists were supposedly selected yesterday) has had management in their past, including Brooke White, Kady Malloy and Kristy Lee Cook.

The first three contestants up in San Diego left the audition room clutching their magical Golden Tickets to Hollywood.

First up was Tetiana Ostapowych, who sang "Someone to Watch Over Me." Simon told her "I don't think you're as good as you think you are." Frankly, we didn't think she was good enough to even let through. Randy and Paula voted yes, so she would have made it anyway, and we were surprised when she asked Simon for a chance to prove herself and he relented and said yes as well. If Simon getting too soft this season?

Watch video of smug singer Tetiana Ostapowych:

Next came the poignant story of single father Perrie Cataldo, who lost his young son's mother in January 2005. When Ryan asked what happened, Perrie told him, "To sum everything up, she was in the wrong place, wrong time, with the wrong people, doing the wrong things, and she paid for it." Cute kid, sad story but could Perrie sing? Well, yes, he could. He did a nice rendition of Boyz II Men's "I'll Make Love to You." And we were just a bit teary-eyed as his son met the judges after his dad got thumbs up from all three judges.

Watch the story of Perrie Cataldo. It'll being tears to your eyes:

The third person scoring a ticket to Hollywood was Australian Michael (Lee) Johns, who sang "I've Been Loving You Too Long" leading Simon to call him ""a white soul singer." He looked and sounded good and easily was sent through. We've since learned from, that under the name Michael Lee, he and his former band had been signed to Maverick Records.

More later, in the meantime here are some more videos from San Diego:

Watch video of former "Star Search" junior champ David Archuleta:

Watch video of former MCA recording artist Carly (Hennessy) Smithson dupe as all:

Watch us scream as we have to watch Blake Boshnack's 21st audition:

Watch video of Alberto Hurtado fulfilling his fan-tasy:

Watch video of the sisters hot for Simon starring Samantha Musa:

Watch video of Christopher Baker, who won't believe he can't carry a tune in a basket:

Watch video of people who need to never quit their day jobs:

Watch video of Aaron Garrett, the contestant we'd most like to be left alone by:

Watch video of Mariah Carey wannabe but will never be Valerie Reyes:

Watch video of Joseph and Juanita Mejia:

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