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Blake's Tuxedo T-Shirt

The buzz on the tuxedo T-shirt that Blake Lewis wore on the Wednesday results show? Miles Siggins, stylist to the Idol stars, told Entertainment Weekly, "I thought it was horrendous. It was like somebody had gone to the Playboy club in Jamaica. It was a tacky gentleman's T-shirt. I was so busy before the show that I never saw it, and then once he was on stage it was too late. I wish I had seen it because I really had issues with it. It wasn't a good one."

Siggins has to remember that any buzz is good buzz (does the name Sanjaya ring a bell?), and people are buzzing about it all over. People magazine says, "This 'American Idol' finalist is not only making headlines with his voice. First his devoted fans designed T-shirts, buttons and hats to show heir support, then he got America talking about his new hair color. ... Maybe in an attempt to keep up the new hipster image, Blake hit the stage in an ironic tuxedo printed T-shirt. We must admit that we like the quirkiness of the look so we found similar ones for all you Blake fans out there. Check out this classic black one (above), $15, at and for more colors, styles and even women's and kid's check out"

Personally, we looked around as well, and decided if you're going wear to tux T, go for the best look. we liked this one from ($17.99) because of the air-brushed three-dimensionality of it.

But there is another site that won our heart hands down, called Choice Shirts. Their line is gorgeous. Take a look at this one, with the amazing red-checked vest ($19.95). Did we say red-checked?

Team Plaid, alert Blake! At the same Web site, we found the T-shirt that suits his personality to a T. Check out this plaid vest T-shirt (the harlequin model, $19.95 or long sleeves for $22.95). What could be better? Go Team Plaid!


Here's what Siggins had to say about the clothing the three women wore:

On Lakisha's black-and-green dress: It was fantastic. And thank God, because she was going to wear this other horrendous dress. I was telling everyone it wouldn't work. She wanted to wear a satin dress and I was like, ''Satin doesn't work on camera on bigger girls.'' Then a tuxedo shirt she was going to wear got ruined at the dry cleaners. She didn't have a good week with outfits, but on the other hand, she did. And that dress was all of 29 bucks.

On the judges' criticism that Jordin's turquoise dress was a thread away from a pageant dress: I didn't think it was pageant-y at all. I thought maybe it was a bit gown-y for her. I personally wish it was shorter on her instead of full-length. I have a problem with full-length gowns before the finale. It takes away from the finale. It's the same reason I don't want the girls in diamonds now. I keep saying no to diamonds before the finale.

On Melinda looking really hot in jeans and good tops, especially the black top: She's just come into her own. It was basically two tops — Vivienne Westwood and Margela tops. It was good. And best of all, she found them this week when we were out shopping. To me, when that happens it means I've done my job.

On whether Melinda will be wearing dresses this week: We're going to do a dress this week, but the dresses will be a bit funkier than previous dresses. I still think with Melinda there is a place for more classic dresses as long as they don't make her look too old.

On how everything about Melinda is looking better. Is it the clothing or has her body gotten better too: I don't think she's lost weight. I think she's just getting more comfortable in her own skin. I think a lot of clothing is looking better on her because she's more comfortable wearing it.

Each contestant wears three outfits this week. On whether he's been shopping every waking second: I've only shopped with Melinda so far this week. She's the only one with outfits. They have hometown visits, Blake had to go and get foot surgery because he has a bad ingrown toenail, and Jordin has had school. They all get back on Saturday, so Saturday and Monday I have to shop. I hate shopping Saturday because it's practically a security risk with everyone at the mall. It's going to be a tough one this week.


People magazine asked some celebs whose songbook Idol should do? Here are their answers:

Queen Latifah: Prince would be fun – no, no don't do Prince. They butchered Prince already. Stevie Wonder might be cool.

Fantasia: James Brown. Yes! That's what they need to do. I love James Brown. So many people that are out now raised up watching James, and studying James – Justin Timberlake, Usher, Michael Jackson. That's what I call a true performer. No matter how old he got, he was still up there doing those splits and giving 150 percent to the audience. They need to do James Brown.

Taylor Hicks: The Rolling Stones. Call me crazy, you know? They have a lot of great songs.

Tracy Morgan: Michael Jackson.

Mario Vazquez: Stevie Wonder. I love Stevie and if I was back on Idol that would be my choice of songs to sing. The contestants would benefit a lot from him and his music."

Andy Roddick: Lionel Richie. He has enough songs that are fast, slow and are hits.

Nelly Furtado: Idol should do Prince's songbook because it is challenging, provocative and fun.

Neil Patrick Harris: Something hard like Journey. That would really, really separate the cream from the curd.

Ruben Studdard: Have they done a Beatles show yet? [Duh, Ruben, do you ever read a newspaper or listen to the news?] If not, that's the obvious answer. They have a wide range.

Check out our poll at right and pick the songbook you'd most like to hear the Idols sing.


Thank goodness People magazine is in the audience every week to report back on the things we mere mortals never get to see:

Fantastic Four Meets the Final Four: Jessica Alba was the delight of the night, as she accompanied her "Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer" costars Michael Chiklis, Chris Evans and Ioan Gruffudd to watch Idol's final four face the music. Just before the start of the show, Simon Cowell switched seats with Paula Abdul to get a better look at the star because, as Paula put it, "she's so hot!" And while Ryan Seacrest was about to introduce the cast and a clip of their movie, Alba, who plays the Invisible Girl, left her seat empty and hid behind the host, tickling his back as he pretended that she had vanished. But having the beautiful actress so close proved too much for Seacrest – he almost fumbled his lines completely.

Gibb Goes Down: After a powerhouse rendition of "To Love Somebody," Barry Gibb lingered in the spotlight, blowing kisses to an audience on their feet as the show went into commercial. But just as everyone was saying goodbye to the legend, Gibb tripped while making his way backstage and took a hard tumble, instantly silencing the room. As stagehands ran to his rescue, Gibb beat them to it, springing to his feet, throwing his arms in the air and shouting, "I'm all right!"

Unbreakable Bond: In the final break before learning their fate, the Idols turned toward one another and formed a big group hug that couldn't be broken. Seacrest was already in place when Blake Lewis was still giving kisses on the cheek to LaKisha Jones, Jordin Sparks and Melinda Doolittle. But the Idols wouldn't budge – even after holding the position for almost three minutes during the commercial break.

Follow the Signs: Wednesday's audience was as loud and aggressive as ever, but it was the fans of Jordin and Blake who made most of the noise. In fact, it was so loud and out of control at times that the stage manager had to police the situation and remind fans that they must keep it down. By the sheer number of Jordin and Blake signs in the audience, there was no question who was favored to survive another week.

It Must Be the Heat: The judges were all laughs and were in their chairs (well, Simon was in Paula's) with minutes to spare before the show went live. During just about every commercial break, rather than run offstage, they remained together, chatting and goofing around – even banding together against Ryan by giving him a hard time when asked to comment on the final four. Simon was all over Paula again, constantly touching her, getting behind her seat and putting his arms on the back of her chair, even checking to see if she was okay after Seacrest's street interview where two fans imitated her style of clapping. But Paula had fun regardless – dancing, clapping and even spinning around in her chair at one break – and she seems to love the attention from Cowell.

Politics Aside: "Politically Incorrect" host Bill Maher left the politics at home and took a front row seat to watch one of his idols, Barry Gibb, perform live. Maher, known more for controversy, let loose at American Idol, bobbing his head while mouthing each and every word in unison during Gibb's performance of "To Love Somebody."

LaKisha's Final Bow: Even though the audience couldn't help themselves when they cheered at the announcement that LaKisha was going and their favorite Blake was staying, it was more of a joyous exit than a tearful one. As she gave her final powerhouse performance of the Bee Gees' "Stayin' Alive," Jordin and Melinda's tears turned to smiles as the single mother celebrated having made it into the final four of American Idol. Afterward, all the judges took the stage to say their goodbyes, but it was Simon who looked the saddest as he made a whimpering face before giving LaKisha a big hug and one more final smooch!

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