Saturday, January 24, 2009

New Releases by Former Idols

Listen to the Season 5 winner's first single, "What's Right Is Right" from his upcoming album "The Distance" here. It's strictly adult contemporary, but we really like it and are looking forward to hearing the rest of Taylor's new CD. You can purchase "What's Right Is Right" Tuesday on iTunes. "The Distance" drops on March 10.

You can listen to "List of Regrets," the Season 6 ninth-place finalist's first single on her MySpace page. According to Gina's official site, the song should be on sale on iTunes this month. It's decent pop/rock, but nothing that will make you say, "I MUST have that song."

The seventh-place Season 6 finalist simultaneously released a memoir (as in book) and five-song EP this past Tuesday, both called "Dancing to the Music in My Head" (the book, cowritten by Alan Goldsher, carries the subtitle "Memoirs of the People's Idol"). The EP is available exclusively on You can listen to snippets of it here. We haven't read the book, for which Malakar told Howard Stern he received a $100,000 advance, but we'll take a pass on the music after listening to the preview. You can read a qna with Malakar here.

The Season 7 finalist performs on the soundtrack to the documentary "Don't Look Down." You can hear snippets of the CD here. You can hear the entire duet of "Life is OK," with fourth-place finisher Brooke White on her MySpace page. This is a really nice cut.

The Season 5 finalist has released a new upbeat gospel track, "My Deliverer," from her forthcoming CD "Freedom," dropping on March 24th. Also also check out the single art to the right. Mandisa is looking hotter than ever. You can listen to it here

The Season 6 third-place finisher is "Coming Back to You" with her first CD, scheduled to drop on Feb. 3. Meanwhile, you can preview a full-length cut of the first release, "It's Your Love" and snippets of five other songs on Melinda's MySpace page or previews of all 13 songs on

The original and, some think, best-ever Idol has a sure hit with "My Life Would Suck Without You," the first release from her upcoming album, "All I Ever Wanted." This catchy return to pop-rock is a must-hear for anyone who likes Kelly. You can listen to the full version on Clarkson's MySpace page. The album's drop date has moved from March 17 to March 10. Hey, make it even earlier, it'll make us happy. Hope there's an "Idol" guest spot for Clarkson this season.

"Playing Games," written by her Season 6 co-semi-finalist Paul Kim (who is also featured on the song). It's not for sale, but it should be. If Antonella and Paul had sounded this good on "Idol," they probably would have made the finals (especially that season). Paul also demonstrates an enviable knack for songwriting. In fact, we were amazed when he told us, "I wrote that song in like 15 minutes, during the drive to the studio, lol." You can hear "Playing Games" on Antonella's MySpace page.

The Season 6 finalist (and one of our favorites) and his songwriting partner, Clint Lagerberg, wrote "Here Comes Goodbye," which Rascal Flatts recorded and releases on radio Jan. 26 as their first single from their new album, "Unstoppable," due out April 7th. You can listen to Chris' considerable songwriting chops here.

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