Wednesday, March 12, 2008

American Idol:
The Top 12 Results Show

Bottom Three:
Syesha Mercado
("Got to Get You Into My Life")
Kristy Lee Cook ("Eight Days a Week")
David Hernandez ("I Saw Her Standing There")

David Hernandez

Watch video of the David Hernandez elimination:

Also on the elimination show, the Top 12 medley tribute to Lennon-McCartney songs.

Watch video of the Top 12 Lennon-McCartney medley:

There was a way overdone plug from Jim Carrey for Fox's "Horton Hears a Who." It began with Carrey in the audience dressed in an elephant suit and continued throughout the show, including him sitting on the bleachers with the 12 finalists regretting that he had "done the REO Speedwagon thing." *ugh* It's bad enough we have to sit through these hyper-extended results shows because Fox has no programming due to the writers' strike and "Idol's" producers are too greedy to refuse every dollar or minute of airtime they can grab. But how many of these unfunny Fox cross-promotional pieces of crap of we going to have to watch before the season finale in May?

This week's Ford commercial was done to the song "The Distance," and featured a political campaign scenario. After all, for the first time in years, the presidential race is the hottest thing other than "Idol."

Watch video of the Top 12 Ford commercial set to "The Distance":

There was the totally useless and stupid home-viewer question segment, where Ryan Seacrest selects from a group of prescreened viewers who get to ask their queries *live* on the air. Who cares? Not us. Just another piece of fluff filler. Dumb questions: To Jason Castro, "If Jason could be any 'American Idol' judge, which would he want to be?" Dumb answers, Jason in stoner mode sounding like Goofy, "g-ha, g-ha, that's kinda a hard one, um, but, I think ... maybe I'm the most unlike Paula, I guess, because she's a girl ... maybe wear some of like Randy's shoes with a nice V-neck like Simon. I dunno." Oh, puleeeeze! On their Web site, The Vote for the Worst folks are encouraging their followers to try to get on as a plant. Now, at least that would be entertaining.

Watch video of the viewer question-and-answer segment:

After being ignored all last year by the series that thrust her into our faces, Season 5 runner-up Katharine McPhee returned as a guest performer. In keeping with the Lennon-McCartney theme, she sang "Something," accompanied on piano by her musical pimp David Foster, who was already drooling over her during Season 5. If we were Kat Pee's fiance we'd check out what was going on between those two. We already know Kat Pee prefers older men, and Foster is even older than her fiance. Plus, they shared some interesting glances and smiles as she sang. Foster plugged his appearances on "Access Hollywood" (apparently plugs are the only reason anyone shows up on "Idol" these days), where he says he will "fine tune" Simon's opinions. Uh-huh. We saw your expertise when you were a judge on "Celebrity Duets," David, and weren't impressed. So feh. Foster also told us that he and Kat Pee are *surprise* working on an album together, and he declared her magnificent. Frankly, she sang better during Season 5. Kat Pee's performance Wednesday night made Ramiele's Tuesday night gig look exciting. Talk about a B-O-R-I-N-G and emotionless version of the George Harrison song!

Watch video of Katherine McPhee singing "Something" accompanied by David Foster:

And Ruben Studdard got yet another chance to prove why he won Season 2 with Season 7's new exit sing, a cover of Kenny Loggins' "Celebrate Me Home," which was played as the video montage of David Hernandez's "journey" was shown. Personally, we preferred the Graham Colton exit song,"Best Days," that was used during the semifinal eliminations.

Finally, Ryan Seacrest told us that due to all the phone calls and text messages the producers received, the contestants will again sing selections from the Lennon-McCartney songbook next week. Do they really expect us to swallow that as the reason we're sitting through Lennon-McCartney again? Not that we don't love The Beatles' songs -- we own every album they ever made -- but the producers must have paid a fortune to Sony for the rights and are either getting their money's worth out of it or fulfilling some contractual agreement. It had nothing to do with us, folks. Of that we're sure. Hopefully, Kristy Lee Cook will find a new way to butcher Lennon-McCartney and finally leave our lives. After all, too many Cooks have spoiled the "Idol" broth. David's the only one we need!

And, in case you missed it, watch video of Danny Noriega on "Ellen":

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