Saturday, March 3, 2007

A Bunch of Boobs

Watercooler gossip on Friday centered around not who had been eliminated, but rather who had gotten to stay -- Antonella Barba and Sanjaya Malakar. The idea that fans would have to be subjected to yet another week of their caterwauling was indeed irksome.

But there were two other "things" gathering even more attention than this season's crop of semi-finalists, and those were the appendages on Kellie Pickler's chest. Speculation on their authenticity was rampant (including a flip comment made by Ryan Seacrest on the show to Kellie about what she had been spending her money on, see clip here), with some claiming they were enhanced, while others saying they were not. We lie in the latter camp. If you check out pictures of Pickler from her Idol days, it is obvious she was slimmer, but not flat-chested. As most women know (here's the scoop gents) when you gain weight, fat frequently goes to the chest and bust size increases. We believe Kellie's enlarged mammaries are more a factor of a weight gain combined with a good push-up bra and a too-tight dress that was very low-cut in the bustline.

Her matronly look? We can perhaps attribute that to Pickler trying to emulate her Idol -- the woman many said she resembled Thursday night -- Dolly Parton. (Personally, we thought she looked more like a young Tammy Wynette.) KTRK/13-TV in Houston reports that Pickler said meeting Parton for the first time left her "so speechless." She met Parton, whom she calls her American Idol, at Sony BMG records in Nashville. They were both wearing red high heels, she said, in honor of Pickler's first single "Red High Heels." Kellie, who calls Dolly a "my-size Barbie" doll, said she can now "die a happy woman" after meeting the country superstar. Not that she wants to die right now, Pickler added, but if she did her life is now "fulfilled." Pickler also said Parton may even give her some songs for her next album.

And Kellie Pickler's puppies weren't the only ones subject to speculation recently. Katharine McPhee revealed to Tyra Banks that she was really tired of everybody saying that her breasts weren't her own, when she visited the host's talk show recently. In fact to prove her point, she had Tyra feel her up -- on camera -- to prove the authenticity of her breasts. We have to assume that Tyra has felt fake breasts before, because she was able to confirm McPhee's claims. Check it out:

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